On Chaos and Diluted Efforts

Chaos dilutes our efforts. Putting a structure to them brings clarity.

Recently, I’ve been trying to learn ‘stuff in general’ about various topics like advertising, strategy, and personal development.

In short, I identified the skills that I lack, made up my mind to refine them, and started working on them based on a rough plan.

Turns out, it’s not simple

Let me first clarify that I’m an impatient and restless person when it comes to learning new skills. The right time to learn anything for me has always been … yesterday.

Although I understand that anything new requires getting used to, practice, and consistent effort – it gets hard to bear the slowness, and soon I find myself doing everything at once.

Does that work?

Not right now at least.

What I’ve realized is that random efforts often get diluted, serving no role in bringing an effective outcome.

I’ve spent a ton of time doing things without any order – and what I miss from the past is the habit of making an organized structure.

As we grow up, we become responsible for this

I still have a regard for how school used to provide a syllabus. Those few set of pages concisely contained everything.  

And they were enough in indicating when our focus must be on what. That made studying less overwhelming.

But now that I’m trying to learn on my own, my efforts have been all over the place.

I have 3-4 bookmarked books waiting to be read, half-done courses, dozens of saved videos, and lesser remembrance of a lot of stuff that I’ve already gone through.

I’m trying to curb that tornado.

Moving from chaos to structure

I’ve been avoiding outlining a learning plan as it requires a lot of thinking – and it even demands me to start acting on it in a disciplined way. I might do that now.

For now, it’s just a phase of transition where I’m discovering “my way” of learning while juggling other stuff that goes on. I’ll share whatever I grasp when the dust settles, and when I feel like I’m onto something good.

Meanwhile, here’s a one-page plan I had made last year, which was vague. It was based on a document called JWT Skillset Charts.

I think I’ll detail it further.