So, What Did You Put on Hold?

My thoughts are occupied with hazy concerns regarding all the stuff that I said I’d do but didn’t do.

Now, I’ve got a list of courses, documentaries I wanted to watch, and a ton of random stuff that I didn’t prioritize.

The problem though, is that everything I delay comes back to haunt me, so I need to settle the unfished business.

So, what can I do with the incomplete stuff?

The ultimate goal obviously is to unload my to-do list, complete whatever I’ve put on hold, and take a breath of relief.

It’s super easy to complete specific tasks like reading 30 poems in a month. But then there a long-term, vague tasks which aren’t definite – like ‘gain weight,’ or ‘improve communication.’

So, I find a system to work on the things that I’ve put on hold and seek optimal ways that can help me finish them. Here’s a rough set of things that keep going on in my head.

  • Think of ways to make them happen
  • Schedule a time for it if I can
  • Create a conducive environment
  • Find ways to prepare before I execute
  • Execute little parts of it if possible

What does that mean?

Firstly, I’m not at all sharing any productivity method here but rather suggesting how long-term practices can help.

For instance, I sometimes watch documentaries in parts over a week. To improve my communication, I read certain books aloud, merging the goals with my existing work. Or to gain weight, I’ll naturally stock foodstuff that’s likely to work for me, so my environment affects my diet.

All of these things appear negligible, but they somehow add up to my larger goals, helping me get closer to stuff that I’m trying to achieve.

The overall point is this: Just because you’ve left a task for the future doesn’t mean that you cease to do something for it today. The time you’ve got is probably warm-up time.