On Simplifying Life

I analyze life, weigh it, and sort of dissect it – that’s when I resemble a manic. I often complicate simple stuff. But then, sometimes I don’t.

Occasionally, I stand in a corner, get out of my own way, and let my heart decide what’s right for me. It doesn’t disappoint me.

That’s a poetic way of saying. Though, what I simply mean is that it’s alright to let events occur in life without being too conscious.

I teach myself to realize that life isn’t a mystery. There aren’t any secrets that we talk about. It simply is the way it is – which may not be the case – but believing so surely helps in appreciating it more.

Maybe, it’s a lot simple than we perceive it to be

  • If an art piece gives me goosebumps, it’s beautiful
  • If a joke makes me chuckle, it’s funny
  • If a phrase makes my eyes glitter, it’s inspiring
  • If I feel respect for something, it’s worthy
  • If my work brings me joy, it’s worth it
  • If a task makes me proud, it’s meaningful
  • If I appreciate people’s presence, they’re a blessing
  • If a handful of words shake my soul, they’re powerful

I look around. There’s enough sparkle in this world. Enough reasons to be grateful for. I hope to not turn a blind eye to them. If something’s messy, my intuition knows that, too.

While the world is in haste about gathering as much as it can, filling its fists with possessions, I tend to chase the little things. I live in moments, and it seems fine. It seems the best.

Maybe, there’s nothing much to contemplate about. The truth is right here, in front of us. Nothing much to plan or ponder about – it’s the way it is – maybe we aren’t just appreciating it enough.

Maybe, life’s simple.

Simple is lovely.