Only in Retrospect

Talking about sadness is easier when it’s not there anymore.

  • ‘I was broke’ is easier to say than ‘I am broke’
  • ‘I had depression’ is easier to say than ‘I have depression’
  • ‘I was an addict’ is easier to say than ‘I am an addict’

What does this say?

Sorrows look fine only in retrospect – once they’re gone.

But otherwise, it’s tough to talk about them without feeling ashamed. I wonder how many people put on an act daily – projecting ordinary lives while concealing their unsaid hardships. I’m a part of that system, too.

Here’s a thought: We’re all simply waiting for our turn to say ‘I was sad but now I’m not’ – but just in different ways. We’re waiting to laugh off our sorrows – because we know that one day they won’t matter.