Even Doing What You Love Isn’t Easy

Even if you’re crazily in love with your work, it’s hard work in the end. You need to deal with the bad parts.

I claim that I love writing, and I do. However, this doesn’t mean that the discipline comes naturally to me.

I doubt myself, the work is hard work, and facing the blank paper never really stops being a challenge (same for my day job in advertising).

Doesn’t matter what you think your calling or passion is: becoming a YouTuber or a lawyer. In the end, it’s still a job and you need to show up. The glitz, despite all the hype, is overrated.

It’s not a different planet.

On the brighter side, the feeling of getting to do what you love is invaluable. Not many people get to do that. Hopefully, that’s what I came for anyway.

I came here for the work.