Peace Attracts Peace

It’s common to miss out on the pleasantness around us when we’re too busy and stuck in chaos.

Our restlessness makes the nice stuff almost unnoticeable, as our own lives already have a lot going on.

As a result, we’re neither at peace and nor do we take the time to question ourselves why is it so.

But occasionally, we notice what we’d been missing

We realize how the smell of wind has changed with the season, look at the parrots on trees, hear the chatter of neighboring kids, and gaze at the slowly changing tint of the sky.

“Where had all this been? Why didn’t I look at things this way? And why does it feel so good now?” we wonder.

A lot happens during these quiet evenings of summer, but we miss them when we’re too busy. And when we’re at peace and feel alive, we notice them.