Questioning Your Excuses

Deep inside our hearts, we know whether we’re being sincere or merely kidding ourselves.

Sure, we can pull off some tricks and mislead people with our smoothness, but that troubles us more than anyone else. You see, the habit of making excuses is hard to master.  

It would be impractical to expect yourself to give up making excuses at once. Especially the ones that you subconsciously believe are true.

Here are some common ones:

  • I don’t have enough time
  • I’ve never done it before
  • I lack the resources or money
  • I can’t do it alone
  • I can’t do it, so why try
  • My family won’t agree
  • It’s beyond my experience

So how do you get rid of them, the unending excuses? Start with questioning them.

Instead of accepting your excuses as they are, dig deeper to discover the underlying reason. Find which insecurities or feelings you’re hiding, or what you’re running away from.

Is it your fear speaking? Are your limiting beliefs are holding you back? Are you afraid that your wishes might come true?

An excuse hides a lot.