Running Away From It

“Pay attention. Listen to your emotions. Acknowledge what hurts you or moves you.”

A routine, fast-paced life takes a toll. It keeps us busy and leaves no time for introspecting, thinking about ourselves, or for making peace with our emotions.

We get stuck in a loop

As unusual as it may sound, but unless we pause and question ourselves about how we can deal with our feelings, we remain uneasy.

We need to ask ourselves simple questions like “Are you alright?” to really understand what’s happening within us.

For instance, I can carry on with daily tasks as usual, but I gather emotional baggage over time. My heart aches and my head feels blank. And soon, I simply feel disconnected from the world.

“Screw this,” I say at some point.

I try all sorts of stuff.

I meditate. I overthink. I sit and breathe. I try what I feel might work. But after enough frustration, the chaos within me melts and reveals the reasons. I feel just alright again.

It takes time, but it works

Although it seems impossible to maintain our sanity once we’re on the never-stopping treadmill of busyness, we can make time. And for some good reasons, we should.

When we pause and reflect, our problems unfold. The confusion lessens. We get some clues. But all of it happens when we listen. When we listen to the voices within us that get overpowered by the outer chaos.

So maybe, simply make time

You’ll discover something.

A wish for a better future. An old regret. An unaccomplished goal. A little cause of anxiety. Or the lack of something.

I can’t say.

We all have to find out.

And stop running away

All the feelings we hide need to come afloat so we can face them. We can’t ignore them, deny them, or hop on to new ones to forget the old ones. We need to deal with all of it.

When we make peace with the past, resolve the reasons, and cleanse the chaos within us – we feel okay. Sometimes, feelings from the past or unpleasant thoughts will return – that’s okay, too. We’re just humans.

Your task is to prevent your uneasiness from dwelling. To make time for yourself even if the pace of life drifts you away from yourself. To be there for yourself and find a way to heal.

You’re never too busy for that.