10 Things That Earn You More Love and Respect (Than Money)

Love and Respect Without Money

“People feel insecure and hopeless without money. It’s a wrong way to measure your self-worth.”

I see people think of money as a criterion for everything. They feel it’s important for them to be more powerful. So they keep wishing for more money.

“One day I’ll own a grand house and stack a billion dollars in my account,” they say, and then daydream about a bed of roses.

It’s a mere fantasy.

The truth is that most people aren’t really rich financially. What’s even worse is that they feel useless due to it for no significant reason.

They waste the most meaningful years of their life thinking they’re unworthy of love and respect while losing their self-esteem in the pursuit.

It seems valid, as you don’t know how else you can earn love and respect. Still, what we forget is that money is much like a tool that assists you to focus on other dimensions of life.

Money comes and goes. Money isn’t you. The moment it’s snatched from you, you feel like nothing.

Therefore it’s better to tie your self-esteem to the qualities and values you possess instead of materialistic objects.

Here’s a list of things that can get you more love and respect than money

1. Humor

If you can walk into a room, tell a joke and make everybody laugh then you’re darn powerful.

Humor is skill and an antidote to pains. It rescues people from their weary lives. Also, people barely hate a person who can make them happy.

Charlie Chaplin became rich because he had humor. It wasn’t the other way around. Wit is a weapon.

2. Charm

Do others feel at ease in your presence?

The ability to please everyone with your being itself is magnificent. Charm is what makes others want to be with you.

It’s like creating an aura with the way you are. You do nothing more than being yourself and expressing your personality, and yet, everyone wishes to be with you.

What is that? Well, you can always be the kind of person who helps others have a nice time and is loved.

3. Humility

People are self-obsessed, or worse, they’re always bragging about themselves.

They flaunt their riches at dinner, repeat their boring achievements, and barely talk about anything else than themselves. That’s a bad thing to do.

If you can succeed silently and yet not utter a word about it, then you must be having some real character. It takes guts to be humble at all times in life, regardless of what you’ve achieved or have.

4. Kindness

The truth is that no one really cares about you if you can’t show a bit of sympathy and love towards your fellow beings.

Kindness is in talking modestly, feeding a stray dog, and helping a kid with his homework. All your actions are a reflection of the love inside you.

If you’re considerate, care for everything, and are willing to make the world a finer place – then you’re already worthy of a lot.

5. Wisdom

Intelligence is common, but wisdom isn’t.

Wisdom is the ability to see the bigger picture that others lack. It’s a mix of understanding, common sense and perhaps, a bit of thoughtfulness.

Wisdom gives you the ability to be happy, contemplate your surroundings, and coalesces it all together for the best outcomes. It about figuring out the underlying purpose of everything.

The world remembers Socrates and his teachings, not the names of those who poisoned him. Wisdom lasts.

6. Simplicity

Simplicity is attractive, and sometimes even more intriguing than any kind of shiny possession.

The world we live in isn’t real. It’s manipulated by hypocrisy and pretentiousness. People try impressing others and deception is common.

Yet, if you can preserve your authenticity despite how the world tries to change you, then you’re worthy of appreciation. Simply being yourself matters.

7. Courage

Someone needs to be bold.

You need to step forward and raise your voice against what’s unjust and also to stand for what’s right.

Not everyone speaks up, but if you do, then you’ve got a priceless quality. Stop bullies, prevent psychological abuse, live an unconventional life – no one teaches you all those things. You learn them by yourself.

Courage is what you gather by moving beyond your limits and standing for things that you care about. Courage is what keeps the world a good place to live in.

8. Sincerity

Sincerity encompasses all the good feelings and values.

It contains honesty, discipline, and care. It’s an outcome of a person’s character. You don’t need to try too hard to figure out whether someone is sincere. Sincerity simplifies life as it gives you a clarity about what you really want.

If you’re sincere, you stay loyal in your relationships, dedicated to your work, and gentle in your attitude – which automatically puts all things in place.

9. Confidence

If you’re happy being in your own skin, you’re lovely.

Being confident simply means that you’re comfortable being who you are, and appreciate life the way it is. Sure, you may have your own insecurities and struggles, still, you remain at peace.

Arrogant people prove themselves superior and try proving themselves. Confident people are fine with who they are and let others be themselves.

10. Creativity

You can make the world wonder.

Creativity has its own appeal. It’s a sign of a beautiful mind that can imagine. It’s a way of looking at things differently than usual.

Creativity gives you the ability to explore and do things differently, which makes life a lot easier. You can entertain kids, earn more through your job, and always find something to be enthusiastic about.

It’s much like owning a magic wand – you can do a lot with it come up with something wonderful every time.

Would you still measure your own worth in terms of money?

I can’t say – but what I know is that there are definitely a lot of things that define you.

If you pay a bit more attention to what really makes you significant, you’d realize how deserving you are.