Why You Need to Take a Stand in Life

Take a Stand in Life

“Those who stand for nothing fall for anything.”
– Alexander Hamilton

Take a stand – three words which are deeper in their meaning than what they seem.

At once they signal you to do something about what you’re going through right now. Taking a stand is about being more responsible.

Whenever you are asked to take a stand, it may mean this:

  • To tolerate uselessness and endure failures no more.
  • To rise for yourself and others.
  • To do something to rescue yourself from the hell you are living in.
  • To take control of things those are going on.
How bad it feels when we fail to take stand. It makes us feel like an utter loser and fills us with guilt. Also, not taking a stand for the things we care becomes a regret for tomorrow. So isn’t it better to be fair on our own side, right now?

Start with doing these things. You’ll feel better.

  • Have the courage to do the activities which you want to do.
  • Dare to do the things which you fear to do.
  • Start what you often think about but don’t due to your fears, doubts and excuses.
  • Raise you voice against what is unjust.
  • Don’t step back when you’re right.
  • Be dedicated, trust yourself more than your critics, and shut your critics with your work.

The price of standing of yourself and others

It isn’t cheap. Not everyone can dare to prove people wrong or stand firmly even after facing the opposition of crowds. 

It isn’t a common scene that people stay happy with your decisions and agree with you always. It is impossible to be universally right. You cannot please everyone.

It’s not that you are going to face resistance in whatever you do. But most the time – you will. Sometimes the circumstances will be like you v/s the world.

That will be the time when your faith will guide you to do the right thing. You won’t care about some frowning faces which will have a problem with your being right or wrong according to them.

Why you need to take a stand

When you take a stand, you do it for yourself. Even if you do it for others, you’re actually doing it for yourself, because your heart wants you to do it. It gives you the freedom to be like you and live by your own terms.

It is about breaking the chains which you think you’re bound by, and rising for yourself when you think that you’ve had enough. Taking a stand is among those few of those things which make your life worth living.

The reward

What does breathing feel like? That will be the exact kind of feeling which you’ll get when you’ll take a stand for doing something right.

The rituals made by this world, slavery created by people, feelings of being helpless, and then not having the self-trust which can make you do things, are the things which make your life a suffocation. Taking a stand is also about escaping this suffocation.

You won’t realize this feeling unless you take a stand.


Change things before you feel the self-pity for being helpless.

Take control, stop being weak. Be brave. The moment your instinct tells you that “something needs to be changed,” change it.
Be the first person who helps you – take a stand.