Talking is Equivalent to Therapy

It’s easy to find lonely people in crowded places. The ones who barely have anybody to console them or listen to them grieve. That has its consequences.

We all, in general, conceal emotions that we wish to pour out, and yet we barely open up because we don’t know who would care. What happens then?

Well, we soon master the art of carrying burdens in our frigid chests as we think that our sorrows are ‘none of others’ business,’ ‘too personal,’ or ‘not worth mentioning.’ However, we know that our sufferings do bother us.

We crave to be heard and wish to be freed from the hardships that we carry quietly. We wait for moments in which our emotions can flow without any fear or judgment.

But we heal when we talk

We heal when we speak our hearts out.

That’s been the case for me at least – because whenever I’ve gone for weeks and months while internalizing too much, I’ve experienced my well-being dwindle. But the conversations with my friends and family made me feel like myself again and reminded me of the futility of my worries.

It’s more about being honest with yourself

Not everyone has close companions to whom they can surrender. And talking about personal stuff with strangers is tough because it makes you vulnerable.

But if you can somehow gather the courage and say – just say what you’ve been withholding – then you sense things falling back in place.

Because talking can be equivalent to therapy. Even when you’re not being listened to. Or sometimes, even when it’s just you talking to yourself, with all honesty.