The Lesser I Care …

… The freer I become

We’re entangled in chains of baseless fears and awkwardness. We often suppress our emotions and hold back from showing our real selves in order to fit in.

It makes our hearts ache.  

So, what frees us from this dilemma?

Letting go of the hold.

Releasing yourself from the sensible confinement defined by the world.

Not listening to the occasional voices that shout “behave!”, “that’s dumb,” or “god, should you really be doing this?”, gives us a breather.

It’s like swimming against the current.

Somewhat rebellious, but good for the soul.

It’s easier to see how you were bound once when you’ve escaped. Once you’re away from those insecurities. It feels nice to know that you weren’t too conscious.

As for me, I felt liberated when I quit social media, when I blogged without caring about algorithms, and when I stopped tuning my life to please others.