The Limits That You Believe In

Habituation to your limits makes you incapable of seeing how you’re molded by them.

  • I can never present like that
  • I’m too fearful to bungee jump
  • I can’t handle business matters proficiently

It’s common to think that you’re not cut for certain jobs, that you can’t achieve certain desires, or that some goals will remain beyond your reach .

Although we don’t consciously notice, we accept our defeat in various areas of life and we convince ourselves why we’re destined to live within our imagined boundaries.

Or, we label ourselves as undeserving of accomplishments that seem beyond our reach and totally underestimate the potential that the future holds.

Why does it happen?

Somehow, either because of our backgrounds or because of our limited worldview, we can only imagine a fixed number of paths that are meant for us. We turn a blind eye to everything else as it seems unachievable.

But we could be wrong

The truth is that with the right resources, preparation, and a fair amount of work, you get closer to everything that you don’t consider yourself capable of achieving or doing.

Even if you don’t understand how you’ll grow from where you are, it’s unfair to iterate why you can’t achieve something, as saying so would be more toxic than the inability itself.

Where’s the harm in remaining open to possibilities?

Reality can often be surprising and exceed your expectations. So, it’s fair if you let life have its way instead of imposing your limiting beliefs on it.