The Right Time to Share Is Now

Why are many people afraid of sharing and expressing themselves?

There’s a prevalent opinion that you need to have “reached somewhere” in life before you can share your perspective.

I find that dogmatic.


While people created rules for each other to be able to speak up – that also suppresses a lot of individual voices – because you’re supposed to keep your head down even if you are capable of contributing something valuable.

That belief has remained stuck with us since we find it hard to admit that we have a right to share. We hesitate, regardless of whether we think we’re capable or not.

We’re afraid of looking like clowns trying to be authoritative. Our inferior feelings trap us within boundaries, due to which we end up becoming a victim of that same belief.

Share, regardless of where you are

Most people are simply trying to fulfill imaginary criteria before they can finally allow themselves to share whatever they have to say.

  • I’ll share after getting that PhD
  • I’ll share after my awards fill my shelves
  • I’ll share after I can flaunt my bank account

Is that required though?

What we don’t realize is that sharing isn’t synonymous with preaching or gaining the credentials to stand on a pedestal. Rather, it can come in other forms of perspectives, stories, and opinions.

We haven’t lived life the same way. We don’t see the world similarly. And we’re all brimming with stuff that we care about.

Is dying while carrying all that in our hearts worth it? The sooner you start the better. As for the world, it has the right to admire you or ignore you anyway.