Show Up, Sooner

About six years ago, when I started this blog from my college library, I did feel like a coward. I didn’t write as much as I could’ve because I feared … getting noticed for the wrong reasons.

I was afraid to make a fool of myself and was too cautious. My work was below average and I didn’t want to get virtually booed by strangers on the internet.

Looking back, that feels like an irrational reason to hold back. Regardless of how I was doing, I could’ve shown up more often and used that time well.

If you’re a creator and aspire to share your work with the world, then you’ll probably wish you had started sooner. The agony of waiting, although justifiable, isn’t often worth it.

Yet, why don’t people create?

The struggle of quieting the inner-critic is the biggest battle initially, even bigger than creating. There’s a certain glass wall, an entry barrier, which doesn’t let you start unless you break it.

And it only breaks when you act.

Here are some valid reasons that aspiring creators come across (along with solutions)

  1. I cannot share because I fear embarrassment

Well, you’ll be more embarrassed to realize years later that you wanted to do something but you didn’t. As for others, they don’t care much and their opinions are too trivial to be considered as a reason for you to stop.

2. I cannot create because I lack the resources

You can almost never be completely ready – emotionally or resourcefully. You always want that theme or that gimbal or that gear. Yet, you can only begin unprepared and start as a nobody.

3. I cannot create because I’m not ready

Your grammar probably sucks or your presentation skills might be laughable. In that case, you can first practice in silence and then make your work live publicly.

4. I cannot show up if I’m not great

You’ll need to begin somewhere as a raw beginner. Don’t be afraid to make a fool of yourself as usually nobody would notice you for a long, long time anyway (which is a good thing) so you’re probably overthinking it.

5. I cannot share because I’m not successful yet

Who’s doesn’t want an interesting backstory or some bling? But most of us are ordinary people. Hopefully, people want to listen to you because you provide value, not to see you brag.

6. I cannot create because I don’t know how to

Most creators I know didn’t know the how-tos either. Take the first step and keep up with what you must know as you go on. I once cried because I couldn’t fix the theme for many days, but now that I think about it, it almost doesn’t matter.

Concisely, how do you show up?

You’re the only barrier you’re facing though you may not realize it.

If you start now and look back years later, you’ll be glad that you started that blog or uploaded that video. You’ll be proud that you dared to create something and didn’t surrender to resistance.

And while you’re fearful, here’s a reminder: you don’t need to get onto a pedestal – share from where you are.