10 Meaningful Things You Can Give (That Don’t Cost a Buck)

Things You Can Give for Free

“I thought I couldn’t give unless I had a ton of money in my bank account. This made me overlook the most meaningful things.”

I come from a humble background. My basic assumption has been that I need money to do everything, which seems practical to some extent.

“I need money to rescue the poor, a big car to look inspiring, or expensive gifts to make others happy,” I thought. I was wrong. It seems valid thing in most cases – but not always.

We’re so blinded by materialism that we often forget about the other beautiful qualities we possess. In life, we’re all equal when it comes to the ability to share certain things which are abundant.

Nowadays I’m trying to pay more attention the side that I’ve been ignoring for too long because it matters even more.

I’m focusing on what I’m capable of giving as an individual and I realized that I can share a plenty of things which don’t even cost a buck.

Here’s a list of meaningful things you can give for free, without any restrictions

1. Compliment

A single genuine compliment can instantly make anyone happy. It can keep them pondering about their own worthiness for a while.

This tiny habit not only spreads joy but also makes you more attentive to all the beauty around you.

2. Kindness

A warmhearted act, forgiveness, or sympathetic perspective can do lots of miracles.

Your kindness doesn’t just impact the world around you but also fills you with empathy, which makes you a better person. Honestly, it doesn’t take much, but the touch you can leave is priceless.

3. Help

Helping a stranger carry his bag or giving someone a lift on your way to the office may seem insignificant, yet, it makes them believe that the world is still a good place.

Each time you help someone, you lessen some pains and make lives easier in some way, which is a powerful thing to do.

4. A smile

Everyone around you is a bit insecure and doubtful. People have trouble connecting and making friends. All feel like strangers at new places.

During such time, a simple thing like a smile can break the ice ease the anxiety and awkwardness. A smile gets conversations started and encourages a trustworthy environment.

5. Advice

We’re lost, discovering new lessons and finding ways to be better. Yet, we make mistakes, go astray and feel confused often.

That’s when we wish someone had told us what really matters. A thoughtful piece of advice is sometimes all that you need.

If you know what can helps others prosper and lessen their struggles, share what you know. Lend them some honest advice.

6. Moral support

I know how priceless it is because it’s what I needed the most when I felt lost and worthless.

Almost everyone around you may be struggling with self-esteem issues, relationship crisis, or financial breakdowns and you wouldn’t even notice it.

Still, if someone courageously expresses his or her heart out to you, it’s your job to assure them that everything is going to be fine.

7. Inspiration

I avoid preaching. It seems dishonest and sleazy. No one trusts a badly put together moral speech. Instead, they expect you to show your vulnerabilities.

So I share stories, talk about incidents, and openly express my struggles and insecurities hoping to make the other person feel better. Mostly, it works.

The truth is no matter who you are, you’ve got an ability to make others sparkle and rise.

8. Appreciation

When you show your admiration for anything in life, you also indicate how special it is to you.

It may seem really simple, but appreciation often reminds people of their value and the impact they’re creating. Most people are mere audiences.

They see things, feel good, and then leave. Not people come forward to express their gratitude. But if you do, you must be special.

9. Presence

All people are absorbed in their own frantic lives. They’ve got no time for others and barely pay attention to their surroundings. The chaos has got them.

At the same time, more people suffer from loneliness, depression, and lack deep relations nowadays.

If you make time to tell your son a story, talk for a while with your mother, or don’t forget to text your friend, then you’re among the kind of people the world needs.

Be there for others and show them that you care – that’s all that’s needed sometimes.

10. Attention

Attention itself is like a valuable asset. You get to decide whom you want to spend it on, which is exciting in a way because it helps others grow.

For example, I’m a fan of bloggers like Ramsay and Gavin, so I do everything I can to help them get the attention they deserve. I believe I play my part by doing so.

Similarly, it’s always up to you make others prosper by paying attention to their work and serving them in whatever way you can.

What is it that we’re all capable of giving?

There are probably a lot more dimensions to life than what we perceive.

While we may think of ourselves as ordinary people who cannot give much, we possess extraordinary capabilities. It’s just that we fail to realize we’re capable of.