Things to Do As the New Year Begins

New Year todo

As I’m heading to towards the end of this year, the feeling I’m getting is similar to what I feel at the end of each year. “Darn, this one passed way too fast.”

Personally, I’ll remember 2018 as the year of goosebumps. It has been full of transformation. And I appreciate it. Some good and bad things happened (which is normal). But all of them were worth it.

However, I really want the next year to be better and I wish to begin with taking some small steps. That’s to ensure that what I’m planning, actually happens. While I’m working on certain things, I thought I’d simply share a few of them here, on this blog.

Here’s a list of things you might want to do before the New Year takes off.

1. A philosophical resolution

I’ve simply decided to be kind to myself – that’s my yearlong resolution. Period. I’ve really spent the past few years thrashing myself with needless self-sabotage. No more, just one thing – I’ll be kind to myself. Find a philosophical resolution that suits you, and stick to it for the whole year.

2. Writing a list of expected changes

Resolutions don’t do much. Though, jot down the changes you expect this year. What do you want your life to be like? Write it down.

3. Buying a diary

I’m planning to keep an occasional video diary. I also have a journal to scribble my important thoughts on. I’m writing a daily journal in a word file to ease the process a bit. Regardless of the medium you choose, capture your days. That surely helps for self-reflection in the future, when you feel lost in life.

4. Organizing computer and stuff

I didn’t wish to begin the year with dealing with the old clutter. I deleted junk, made new folders, and I feel better already.

5. Finding what to do and what to ditch

Realize what wastes your time, what makes you happier, and what you should prioritize. In short, what you need to focus on what you can happily get rid of. Trust me, this can make a difference.

6. Yearly introspection

What did I do last year? Why was it great? What did I fail at? How can I do the same things differently? Such a thoughtful conversation with yourself can lead you towards a fulfilling lifestyle. It can be a short paragraph on a page. I’ve written a page. Considering that I did it for the first time, I think I’ve done fine.

7. Sort your music playlist

A fantastic playlist definitely leads to a fantastic year. Yes, yes, yes! I’ll listen to the same bunch of songs I’m attached to, and maybe add a couple of new ones as well.

8. Life sheet 

Alright, this is the year I switched from those to-do apps to a solid spreadsheet. I created several sections and it helped me gain clarity about my goals for sure (it seems, for now). You, too, can create one and add certain sections that matter to you.

  • Small goals
  • Things to buy
  • Habits to develop
  • Skills to learn
  • Hobbies to work on, etc

9. Keeping a daily introspection section

I’ve never been able to write a regular journal that could help me assess my life. That’s because I’ve never started one, duh! But I’ve added the following table to my word file. I’m hoping this set of questions keeps me on track – and I might tweak it once in a while for better.

Daily Introspection

10. Do one thing consistently

One thing, whether it be rising at dawn, reading a paperback, meditating for 5 minutes, or drinking a smoothie. Only one thing, for the next 365 days, and you’ll realize how much a simple thing like consistency can do.

Taking it easy

Plans go awry, unfailing discipline is a fantasy, and you might not accomplish everything you’ve aimed for. That’s fine. Give your best, that’s what’s going to matter – and what you do will change you for better.

Even if you get 1% better, it’s still worth it, right? All the best.