Using the Wrong Parameters

When it comes to assessing anything, we fall prey to superficiality and misleading appearances.

Meaning? We judge people, perceive their characteristics, and form our opinions about them in many wrong ways.

  • You may idolize an influencer based on their online identity, but how do you know if they’re what they appear to be?
  • You may mimic a person whom you adore, but how do you know if the individual is genuinely content with their life?
  • You may listen to and follow a celebrity because they’re popular, but does that make their work equally great?

You get the point

We often form our opinions about people merely based on fragments of their personality. That mustn’t be a problem, either. Not all people are hideous or wanting to fool you.

But when we mistake a shiny quality as a sign of another positive trait, or when we idolize people for the wrong reasons, we also make ourselves dependent and vulnerable.

The foundations on which we lived for years and formed our personalities become baseless and we feel like we’re betrayed by the people who helped us start and rise. Due to that, we’re left with an identity crisis to face.

So, yes, it’s good to have heroes but with caution. And as long we use the wrong parameters to choose them, we’ll be left in the dark.