Wish to Rise? Find Some Heroes

 “When you find people whom you genuinely admire, they bring out what’s already within you. They give your raw self a direction, which eventually leads you towards becoming the person you wish to be.”

Here’s a fair way to become the best person that you wish to be: find some heroes, admire their work, and become them. The thing is, it works.

Now, it might seem like I’m asking you to imitate people, but you’d be mistaken if you think so. A life spent trying to be someone else is a life wasted, I believe. So let me simplify this.

We’re all born as lumps of flesh. We gain our sense of identity as we grow up, from our environment, peers, national beliefs, and whatnot. In short, we’re created more than what we choose to become. 

It takes long enough for us to realize our original sense of self, and to understand that we can mold ourselves the way we intend to.

The fact is, you’re already someone. Maybe you don’t know it, your outlook is blurred, but there’s an unshakable self. It’s right at the core of your heart. It cannot be changed. It stays unaffected by the world and it already knows what it wants to be.

So when people walk up to you and ask you to ‘be yourself,’ you may not get it. It doesn’t make sense, because you’re clueless. What can you possibly be when you don’t know who you are? Clueless, maybe.

Though, there’s a process to finding yourself. It’s like being a wise rock that knows what it wishes to be sculpted into. The rock waits patiently, to be chiseled and turned into a masterpiece. We’re all similar, the ones who wish to become masterpieces.

But the process of rising, growing, dreaming needs a spark to begin. A direction to follow. That’s when your heroes come in. They show you who you can be.

Go, find some heroes

I’m more or less an amalgamation of all the spectacular people I’ve met, to an extent. Being affected by their company or thoughts mattered. It’s like they brushed me with their magic, and the magic stayed. 

Honestly, I’ve had enough heroes. I look up to them and even idolize them. Some of them have been my family, mentors, teachers, strangers … or even dead celebrities.

I’m grateful.

Grateful for having found them. All of them guided me, inspired me, gave me clarity, taught me, and more than that, set an example for me to follow. I owe them a lot.

For example, I grew up admiring my uncle. He is one of the most kind and humble people I know of. As a kid, I wanted to be like him (and I still do).

Ramsay Taplin taught me that it’s completely possible to do what you love while caring about others, which to me, seemed like magic. Now he’s doing something even bigger.

One my professors, Avinash, is so much in love with his work that his eyes sparkle. He makes me want to be more sincere to my work and add my share of beauty to the world.

All my friends and I are on the same journey of feeling lost and unfolding life. So when I see them accomplish something, or even try harder, it feels perfect.

I can make a long, long list of people who fill me with hope in some or other way. There’s a pile of hope in this tedious world. Having some heroes helps you discover that.  

So, how does finding some heroes help?

Find the people you can relate to and your life will surely go through a lasting change.

Because you’ll realize what your life is about and you’ll finally get closer to becoming the person you’ve always wanted to be.

You can find a lot of admirable people and absorb something from each one of them. Find the kind of people who…

  • … you want to learn from and work like
  • … have remarkable qualities and serve selflessly
  • … are amazing humans and care for others
  • … you’d want to be like as a person
  • … who inspire others and show the brighter side

The list can go on, because it reflects what it is that you’re seeking. Deep down, you know who you wish to be.

Lady Gaga can inspire a generation of girls who wish to feel comfortable in their own skin. Walt Disney can fill a struggling creative with hope. Or maybe, the charming, wise old man next door can teach you a lot about life and character.

Heroes are everywhere.

You just need to find and choose the ones who reflect you; the kind of person you wish to be. And believe me, it’s not like copying or something, but rather like tearing up your cocoon to discover who you are from within.

You heroes help you shatter your fears, limitations, timidity, and everything that’s holding you back and help you rise … no matter where you are.

The moral of the story?

Surround yourself with some fantastic people, they’re everywhere. Talk to them, ask for help, study their stuff, thank them and look up to them as a reminder to yourself about the kind of person you can become.