Seek the Right Things in Life, Because You Only Get What You Seek

We Only Get What We Seek

“What we seek we shall find; what we flee from flees from us.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

We think a lot over various topics, tasks, and dreams. Becoming confused and getting lost is a part of the process. When we get stuck in situations where we need to rescue ourselves and find out a way to make things better, our optimism is challenged.

This is when our ability to control our thoughts is tested. Our mind fills up with terror and negative thoughts automatically enter our mind. We lose our calm and it becomes difficult for us to focus.

However, these thoughts aren’t always effects of outer surroundings or circumstances, but rise from within.

These are a few examples of how people find what they seek:

• A philosopher seeks truth and he finds it.

• A businessman seeks new ideas and innovations which could profit him and he finds them.

• All search for the right people and friends and then they end up finding them.

• When we seek either solutions or problems, we find them too.

• A miner seeks gold or diamonds and finds them.

• A diver seeks pearls in the oceans and finds them.

There are several other examples which can be given. But I don’t wish to be practical but rather philosophical here. Because here I am talking about the thinkers – what we all are, because we think.

This is what I’m talking about:

We often develop a negative outlook unconsciously, which affects us by preventing our growth and controlling our thoughts.

We never want to think negatively, no one wants to think negatively. However, negative thoughts are inevitable at most of the times.

Wait, I’m not switching the topic. What I’m talking about here are thoughts. The positive ones which can be thought of, and the negative ones which can be ignored.

Exactly this,

• When we think – we fear.
• When we dream – we doubt.
• When we face a crisis – we think of worse.
• When we are weak – we worry about our weaknesses even more.
• When we are vulnerable – we try to know the dangers that follow us.

Aren’t we unknowingly seeking the things which decay us, make us weak, and pull us down, when we could be seeking for the good instead.

What I mean to say is this:

• Why fear, when we can be courageous.
• Why think negative, when we can think positive.
• Why doubt, when we can believe.
• Why to feel weak, when we can be strong.
• Why be pessimists, when we can be optimists.
• Why to see the bad, when we can see the good.
• Why to be a critic, when we can still find something worth appreciating.
• Why to seek problems, when we can find the solutions.

You see? We really find what we seek in life.

If we’re so powerful and capable of gaining what we want, why not aim for the best instead of living being trapped by our timidness?


You really find what you seek, so rather seek good. Believe in yourself and keep your curiosity to discover the good alive. Although you may think that you don’t always get what you dream and wish for, you get it.

But if you aim too little, you only get what you had sought for.