What Can We Possibly Dream About?

That’s another way of saying what can we desire and what do we think of as an ideal life.

Well, I don’t see many conversations happening about this topic, which could be because it’s a personal topic. We all simply want better health, more wealth, and happier families.

Alternatively, I think we we try not to plan our dreams, or even think of new ones, for many reasons.

For instance, I may dread that I’m dreaming too small and hence not take a stand at all. Or I’d secretly not want to succeed and wish for anything as it may not turn out to be worth it.

I can also fear that having a controlling approach towards life would leave no space for randomness.


That’s why not having any dreams is easier.

But that comes at a cost

We’re left directionless.  

And hence it becomes important to set some benchmarks – because doing so makes it easier to concentrate our energy on what we really desire and want to work toward.

Although a tough question, it sets a lot of things straight for us, like our relationship preferences, the lifestyle that makes us happy, the accomplishments that genuinely feel good, and prioritizing what feels right.

It may be a fine question to start with

To ask oneself, what does an ideal life looks like? What matters to me ultimately?

And those questions may require you to think while facing a wall. Sometimes, you may get up without having found anything. That doesn’t make the question any lesser valuable.

You’ll visualize the future, your heart will speak for itself, and you’ll still be left with a little something. That will be authentic, and that will be enough.