What Is Happiness to You?

This simple question clears up many complications in life as you sort out what is important to you with all honesty.  

The standards and reasons for happiness are almost the same for everyone at a larger level – relationships, money, and stuff.

But as you discern what you like, understand the moments that make you joyful, you realize what you need in your life.

For instance, playing video games may make one person happy while having dinners at luxury restaurants would matter more to someone else.


The point is that our sources of happiness and what stimulates us varies a lot, and hence discovering what matters to you is a fantastic way to set your priorities straight.  

So, what makes you happier?

  • Talking to an old school friend?
  • Visiting an archaeological site?
  • Drinking and dancing in a club?
  • Exercising and eating a bowl of fruit salad?
  • Moving to your apartment in a new city?
  • Riding a bicycle on a serene road?

Or perhaps, writing blog posts like this one.

Whatever your reasons may be, life seems easier once you figure them. You know where to put your energy and what is worth the effort.

And that makes you happier.