What We Say…is Probably What Matters to Us

More than often my words turn into a kind of soliloquy, because the things I say to others are mostly what I had been dying to tell myself.

It’s usually not as noticeable, but the stuff that we say reveals a lot about us.

Whatever we blurt frees what we’d been concealing in our hearts, probably for too long.

Deep inside we carry the weight of unsaid words and thoughts that we hope to share. It’s as if they’re there, but we don’t notice them until we utter them.

It’s only after they’re out that we notice their existence, admit them, and perhaps realize what we’d been holding back – due to fear or pain or any other reason.

That’s the reason why we get carried away and become passionate during ordinary conversations, or why talking to somebody makes us feel easy.

When we talk pure intent, not to persuade to forward an agenda or to prove our worth, but simply to express – we understand ourselves.

I know that when I say something, it’s important to pay attention because what comes out of my mouth is not only for others but also for me to listen to. It’s what I’m sharing with myself, too.