What’s Fashionable

What’s fashionable now becomes irrelevant later. What’s hot and trending eventually vanishes. Quite a few things last in this world – fashion isn’t one of them.

And yet we chase it, enchanted by its power to make heads turn and its ability to get us noticed.

Fashion isn’t useless: it compensates for the qualities that you lack and brings some charisma to you.

But that’s all

Doing what’s cool in order to impress others may amuse you, at least for a while, but then the excitement gradually fades. You can’t stay high on it forever and you grow discontented.

“What’s the point?” you might think then.

And this question changes things

It’s a good sign – to stop following needless impulses, to walk away from the herd. Perhaps, you didn’t even intend to be fashionable. It may have been a medium, but not the goal.

Once you acquire this perspective, you set out to chase the unusual, but what probably still matters to you more. Even more than being fashionable.