Why I Wave Till the End

Why I Wave Till the End

“I unknowingly acquired this odd habit – I wave at people till the end, until I see them disappear. It doesn’t matter to me whether they turn and wave back.”

It started years ago

It was a hot summer day. I had my vacations. I was standing on the field, too involved in playing cricket.

After a while, my uncle happened to pass by the ground. He had a suitcase in his hand. Probably, left hand, as he was left-handed.

He was going to our hometown.

But I didn’t know.

“Hey,” he called me and my cousin.

I could see him standing on the road from the corner of my eye, but I didn’t pay heed.

He was trying to say goodbye and stood there for a while, waiting for us to respond – but I was too absorbed in the game to turn to him.

Then I turned to wave. I saw him walking farther away. I didn’t call him back.

Then, a couple of days later …

My uncle passed away.

We lamented, hurriedly rented a car, and reached our hometown. I couldn’t grasp what was happening, while some relatives and neighbors condoled us.

I didn’t get to see him the last time. Not even before his funeral. I stood there while trying to recollect the last moment when I saw him.

It was nothing more than a blurred thought. I regret that I didn’t get to see him. I wish I had waved back to him that day.

Now, the last memory I have of him is him standing with a suitcase on the road, waiting for me to say goodbye.

Some moments change us forever

I’ve had my own.

I’m flawed. Not the kindest person on earth. Yet, I think I understand relationships a bit. I see how fragile the threads which bind us together are.

Somehow, while we’re all submerged within ourselves, we fail to appreciate a piece of joy that’s right in front of us.

I already see eyes dipped in cell phones, ‘I won’t talk first’ kind of talks, and folks taking their relationships for granted.

I wish it changes, but I cannot do much, except writing and reminding them once in a while about what really matters. In the end, nothing matters more than the handful of people we have with us.

I want you to remember this

I’m not saying that you behave like everyone you love might die tomorrow – but we’re all dying together in a way.

Our hands slip away, we spend time apart from our family, and we all get older. It’s happening too fast.

So maybe, the next you’re with those you love, hug a little tighter, hold hands a bit longer, and spend some more time gazing at the stars.

That’s the simplicity of life. It happens in moments. You never know what beautiful things you miss even when you blink. So open up your eyes to all that you’re blessed with.

And here’s why I wave till the end

It’s because I wish to see life as it happens, in moments. I sort of capture every detail while saying goodbyes. Maybe, I’m just collecting random images in my mind because I don’t want to have any blurred regrets.

I really don’t know – but that’s the way I feel I can respect relationships – by appreciating them and giving them the attention they deserve. By giving them enough time, because I know nothing would last forever for me.

Chances are if we ever turn into good friends and you happen to leave, then you’d find me staring at the horizon, waving goodbye at you until you see me fade away, and you aren’t able to see me anymore – that’s how I am.

That’s what life did to me.