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6 Lies You Tell Yourself That Don’t Let You Start

6 Lies That Don’t Let You Start

Firstly, people don’t want to be seen as fools.

I mean no wants to be the social oddball who is seen as a dreamer. People think of themselves as dreamers, but they don’t want to be called one.

Being a dreamer makes you vulnerable all at once. Everyone comes to know what you’re up to – your plans, your tiny aspirations, and your intentions – there’s no way out. (more…)

How Being Childish Can Lead You Towards a Happier Life

Being Childish to Be Happier

Something changes.

When we grow up, call ourselves matured and when we stop being childish.

We don’t behave like we used to and turn into grown-ups who act as per the society. We begin to abide by the unsaid rules of the world, slowly concealing our identities and losing some fragile parts of our existence.

You need to be more responsible. More mature. But that doesn’t mean that you have to leave yourself somewhere in the crowd and abandon your childishness. (more…)

The Only Significant Purpose of Motivation in Life

Purpose of Motivation in Life

You know that feeling, right? When you feel like you can do what you’re planning, and become blind to all your doubts and probabilities of failures.

You begin to feel like you’re infallible. Nothing can drag you down. And even if something can, you won’t let it get you.


12 Natural Qualities of Real Life Cool People

12 Natural Qualities of Real Life Cool People

We’re living in a time when everyone else is trying to stand out of the crowd. To be different, and yet, tries hard to be noticed by the same crowd.

People try all that they can to achieve this.

They purchase the priciest thing they get for themselves with a shiny brand name on it, they learn to do things which no other people can do just to show how gifted they are, they change themselves for the sake of impressing others, and sometimes – they give up their own identity.

Some people have other ways too. They act like certain movie stars and show-off all that they’ve got. They try really hard. They want to be cool. But they only mislead themselves.

Perhaps, they’re deceived by their own thoughts, or maybe it’s their way of being cool.

What being cool means

We’re all fundamentally the same. Ordinary people who expect simple things from others such as respect, love and appreciation.

We adore the ones who treat us fair and we spend more time with them. The people who make us feel special become an inseparable part of our lives. In return, we treat them similarly.

We don’t mind the flaws of the ones we love. Neither do we try to change them. All we do is plainly accept them the way they are.

The fact is, no matter how rich you are, how better you look than others or how powerful your presence is, if you’re fake and cannot put a smile on others’ face, there’s no use to what you own.

So who is really cool? To be honest, the ones whom we adore and have a regard for, are cool.

The only thing which defines real life cool people

There’s just one thing which separates what we call cool people from the rest – they aren’t defined by what they have but rather by what they are.

For instance, I personally think that the character of Tony Stark in Iron Man is cool. Sometimes I wish I could be like him. But that isn’t because of what he owns. I like the character – there’s a thing about him.

That’s how all cool people are. What they do, how they think or the way they talk – it’s all a part of their identity.

A simple trick to find out who is cool

Have you ever observed someone and thought “Wow! This person is awesome. I want to be like him.”

That’s the way you think about cool people. You want to be like them. You wish to absorb all their good qualities like a sponge and be as good as they are.

There aren’t any complications to this. The ones who inspire you are cool.

However, the people who you think are cool might be ordinary to some others. And those whom you see as normal may be heroes to someone else.

So how can you find out who is really cool? Observe people. If they many of the eleven qualities listed below, or even a few of them, then chances are that they’re cool.

If you can inculcate these eleven qualities in yourself, then you too can be the cool person you want to be.

1. They stay relaxed even during the hardest times

The people who inspire others or are great at what they do are equally exposed to pressure as anyone else.

Yet, they don’t stress out.

They understand the significance of staying under control when circumstances force them to burn out, because they know that the situation might get worse otherwise.

So they relax, don’t get plagued by problems, and focus on finding solutions instead of letting their problems horrify them.

Though others think that they’ve got nothing to worry about, they’re actually keeping their problems to themselves instead of crying them out or complaining about them.

Cool people always deal with problems this way, they try to come up with solutions.

2. They simplify things

Those who inspire others are innovative as well as keen about simplifying work.

They don’t believe in laboring hard without a purpose, and they use their time and resources productively. Doing hard tasks more simply using their smarts is their strength.

When others look at how easy they make everything look, they respect them.

3. They inspire others

What makes you want to be like your idols? They inspire you.

They bring out the best in you by showing trust in your potential, and encourage you not only with their words but also with their deeds.

They strive to take you at a greater level and take the lead. Real life cool people always believe in enhancing the potential which they know others have in them.

They don’t see a competition. Instead, they just keep hoping that everyone prospers. They do what they can to help others rise by inspiring them.

4. They’re good at what they do

When it comes to the working abilities of these cool people, they’re flawless.

They know their business well and are usually the gods in their arenas.

They don’t let anyone to remind them of their business since they’re always hell-bent on learning and improving themselves.

They might suck at other activities sometimes, but the skills which they master are unquestionable. They always nail what they do. They’re the infallible masters.

They’re aren’t necessarily perfect, but they give their best. Always. That’s what separates them from the rest.

5. They don’t give a damn to what others think

All thought leaders are rebels by nature. They don’t care about the authority as long as they’re right.

The keep on doing their good work without letting the criticism of others affect them, and don’t fall prey to praises.

What matters the most to them is working hard and going on regardless of what others think of them.

They don’t let anything interfere in the path to their dreams. If they would, then they wouldn’t be doing what others don’t.

6. They know the art of influence

When you think they’ll just talk, they make you wonder in awe. That’s how cool people are. They create an aura around themselves.

They choose their words wisely which shoot your mind like arrows, they make you tumble using their sense of humor, and they tell stories which touch your heart and make you thoughtful.

They might not always talk or be social, but when they are, they win over hearts.

They can shear through you mind and make you think what they think, and make even the simplest of things look wonderful. 

Real life cool people know how to express themselves and create a touch that lasts.

7. They’re humble

To them, all are equal and they treat everyone fair.

They smile at the inferiors, make no one feel timid and they don’t boast.

To them, simplicity is a virtue. They stay connected to their roots and have a mindset which wishes for the welfare of all.

Humility is what makes them lovable to others. The more they achieve, the more they understand the value of struggles, victories and the presence of others.

8. They work hard

When people are loyal to their work, you want to be like them.

The person who sweats hard, sacrifices his sleep and works passionately on his dreams is always attractive.

A hard worker always inspires others to work hard and makes them want to chase their dreams.

When you see someone who works hard, you find his dedication to his job cool, and then, you wish to be like one. Real life cool people are the ones who have fun doing their work and treat it like play.

They don’t hate what they do unlike most people. Their joy lies in grinding harder and getting better each day.

9. They help others

The people who rise at the top from nowhere to taste success, understand the role of a few helping hands.

In the time of uncertainty, one genuine attempt of help can prevent dreams from withering and save someone’s hope.

So, the cool people try their best to be of any help they can.

A person who helps others, keeps alive the optimism in others’ hearts, and also the fragile belief that the world is still a good place.

They donate, they serve people with their work and they perform tiny deeds of kindness each day.

10. They’re honest

The people who inspire others are honest and speak their heart out.

They prefer saying the truth over misleading or lying, and neither do they trick people to take their advantage or use them for their own motives.

They don’t conceal enmity and pretend to be good but express what they feel, however blatant, and resolve the issues they have with others.

Their actions are as transparent as a crystal, and truth accompanies their voice.

When you’re with them, you don’t need to find out their character – they show it to you by being honest.

11. They put others first

Like everyone else, they think about themselves, but they put others first.

In every action they take, they also think about the welfare of others and don’t do anything which would harm someone.

For the people they love, they make sacrifices and do all that they can. They become a shield to the weak and a servant to the helpless.

In the course of putting others first, they might fall back often, but they don’t leave themselves behind.

The good things they do end up making them better humans and give them a lasting satisfaction.

To them, it’s their cool thing.

12. They speak the language of love

The people whom we adore and wish to be like are as ordinary as everyone else. The only thing which separates them from the rest is that they seek the good in others.

Sometimes, they make us wonder and think “How can someone be so kind!”

Also, they’re sincere to their dreams, loyal to whom they care about and faithful to themselves. Everything they do is a manifestation of their love. Whether it be their love for their work, their people or for themselves.

They inspire all the beauty which is hidden in others, and that’s the only reason why we wish to be like them. They make us believe that we too can be as worthy as they are.

What makes people cool to you?

There’s something about the people whom you see as cool. Although they might not be the best or popular, you still have a deep regard for them.

I would love to hear from you your own definition of cool people. Like, what kind of people do you find cool and inspiring? Please leave a comment.




The Most Worthy Way to Live Life on Your Own Terms and Achieve Freedom

The Most Worthy Way to Live Life on Your Own Terms and Achieve FreedomLife’s good, in spite of all its flaws. I have no complaints about it. That’s what I’ve taught myself, or would ask anyone to do – to appreciate it the way it is and welcoming it with open arms and a nice smile on the lips.

This attitude probably doesn’t solve all the problems, yet, it makes life easier. However, things don’t always work the way we want.


The Simplest Way to Find Your Passion in Life

The Simplest Way to Find Your Passion in Life

There seem to be tons of talks about finding passion the internet; I agree with them. Not all, but some of them. If you can find something you love doing in life then you can be happier. It makes sense to me.


The Only Explanation to Why Your Dreams Might Come True

Why Your Dreams Might Come True

You’re not nuts.

Even if think you are, you aren’t.

If you’re a dreamer, someone hoping for a nicer future, or just another person in the crowd wishing to make his life better – then you’re not nuts to think so.

The truth is, you’re darn mighty. You’ve already what it takes to achieve, and if you’re enough determined to follow your dreams – your dreams will come true.

What you hide deep within your heart, the hopes you don’t show to the world and the desire you seek to accomplish but don’t reveal due to your fears can all become a reality.

But for that to happen, you’ll have to do one thing.

Just one thing. 

If you do this, everything will be alright

People have dreams.

Almost all people silently keep wishing in their hearts.

But at the same time, they’re also fearful and dubious. They have no clue where they should start. To them, it’s hard to do what they cannot even imagine. What’s harder for them is trying. 

How can they do what seems beyond their limitations?

Here’s a truth – they can, but they don’t.

Everyone else can, including you and me. No one ever comes to stop us. We’re free. It’s up to us to decide what we want to be.

If you dig a bit deeper, you’ll know that all we need to do to accomplish our dreams takes nothing more than choosing one and working for it. That’s all there is to it. No secrets. You get what you want when you put in the efforts. You don’t when you sit still and keep whining.

So what’s the one thing you can do to make everything alright?


Keep trying.

Your dreams need your efforts. They’re already waiting to occur. All you have to do is keep doing all that you can until you can have the odds on your side. All this might not happen immediately. But eventually, things only get better.

You can always trust your efforts.

How often do people try?

How often?

The ones you have around yourself who keeps blabbering about how useless it is to even try or have ideas that are beyond your reach. Did they ever do anything themselves? They don’t have the right to say that dreams don’t come true unless they’ve tried.

Do you say you have a dream?

Did you try achieving it?

Allow me to be a little harsh, but your dreams won’t come true if you don’t put in the efforts. There may be a lot of valid reasons to justify why you haven’t begun yet, but they don’t matter. What matters the most is whether you’re trying or not.

You don’t have money, time or company of other successful people. So? What are you trying to state? Do you want others to sympathize with you? They do.

But that won’t help you grow. In the end, it’s just about how far you can manage to push yourself in spite of your difficulties.

But people don’t want to accept it.

They think of themselves as losers even before trying and don’t do what it takes.

“It’s tough and doesn’t make sense anyway,” they tell themselves and quit forever without giving a second thought.

Who is it that kills your dreams? No one but you, if you don’t try.

From here on, everything will get better for you

Only if you try.

You don’t have to do something huge. Start small. Take little steps. That’s the place where everyone starts. And it’s always good, since you don’t have much to lose.

When you try, you don’t stay a novice forever. You keep getting better over time, and ultimately become a skilled master at whatever you do.

Perhaps, you might end up becoming the next big deal. And even if you don’t, there’s no need to feel shame, because you get closer to your dreams and become capable of doing what you love for the rest of your life.

When you’ll look back, you’ll realize how far you’ve come. That’s the sweetness of making efforts. It’s always fair to you. 

When you embark on your journey to making your dreams a reality, you need to a lot of unpleasant tasks. Sometimes you’ll need to take risks and lose a lot. Other times, you might need to do what makes you feel shameful about yourself.

You’ll have to make sacrifices and be a social oddball. But that’s part of the road which leads you to your dreams. Everyone needs to go through this. You cannot avoid it.

So try, as everything gets better when you try.

Allow yourself to be imperfect

Most people don’t start. Ever.

Isn’t it cowardice? Doesn’t it seem like being unjust to yourself?

You’ll stay at the stage where you’re supposed to begin if you wait perfect circumstances and don’t dare to start small.

You can’t be too careful. Make your own mistakes. Let yourself look odd to others if that’s necessary. Open up yourself to criticism. Be vulnerable. The things you overthink matter only as long as don’t put in your efforts.

 Once you start, you get the courage to go on. After which it’s hard to stop you. You abandon all your fears and go on in spite of your doubts and difficulties.

Don’t worry about getting everything right in your first attempt. No one gets it right in the first attempt. Some do – but even they need to work hard. No one is an exception to this rule.

You’ll succeed – here’s the reason

You cannot tell whether you’ll succeed unless you attempt.

However, chances are, if you put in enough efforts, you will thrive. No doubt. Hard work is never wasted. Every bit of effort does something good to you.

For now, begin.

Be easy on yourself. Dare to be bad at what you do. But don’t hold yourself back. The sooner your start, the greater your chances of succeeding are.

Aim for a set of milestones

Dreams never happen all at once.

They take time to occur. Try to achieve small chunks of milestones first. Then set some new ones and follow them. Keep going this way. Don’t stop. It works.

Ask any successful person who inspires you. It’s always the small things you do which add-up in the long run.

And don’t quit

Success is in not stopping.

Focus on making gradual growth. 

If you can do this, you won’t need to quit. People quit when their only reason is gaining outcomes and nothing else.

They may feel elated for a few days, but they cannot go far. Soon, they get disappointed when they don’t see any success on their way, they get tired and finally – quit.

If your dream is stuffing loads of money in your bank account, buying luxury cars or getting ahead of everyone else, then you’re likely to quit.

It isn’t wrong to have aspirations, but you shouldn’t let them control you. Instead, if you’re a passionate person, you can go on forever in spite of failures and become infallible at what you do.

Because when you work for passion, you don’t fear to lose. Your joy lies not in the outcomes but your efforts. When your efforts make you happy, it’s easy for you to work harder. And when you work hard, you’re likely going to succeed.

So here’s the conclusion

You chances of turning your dreams into a reality depend on much effort you put in. If you go on doing valuable work, your chances of succeeding will only increase.

There might be other aspects to you success as well, such as opportunities, lack of resources and other things. Yet, effort comes first.  

Here’s a question

Do you have a dream? And more than that, are you trying? I would love to hear from you. Drop a comment below.

Why I Don’t Tell People Their Dreams Won’t Come True

Why I Don't Tell People Their Dreams Won't Come True

I know what it feels like being a dreamer.

Sometimes, it’s just miserable.

Not because I fail or due to some other reason. Failures are obvious when you’re a dreamer. You do a lot of things and most of them don’t work. Indeed, it takes sweat and tears.

Yet, these hard things aren’t what hold back dreamers. There’s something else that induces fear in them and prevents them from embarking on their journey to their dreams.

To be honest, all dreamers are weak, insecure and doubtful. They think of themselves as fools.

I do. Everyone else who thinks big does. We don’t see ourselves as normal. If you dream, welcome to the pack of people who are lost.

We don’t know where we’re going as weren’t given any maps or signboards to follow. So we create our own roads – and then we walk on them.

What makes dreamers quit before they even start

The world.

It’s not used to seeing dreamers succeed yet.

When you dream, you don’t make sense to others. You try to do something that’s beyond your abilities and current potential. You look pathetic.

Others see you as a pitiful person affected by the successes of some other people. A hopeful fellow struck by some inspirational words written in books.

Especially in the beginning, when you have no successes to tell, you resemble a clown. You’re a good joke to the whole world.

They pretend like they understand you even if they don’t. They ignore you. A lot of them won’t help you although they can. As time passes, your surroundings get you. They do their work and induce a clump of negativity in you.

After which, you see yourself as others see you – impractical and helpless. The way dreamers are treated makes them quit.

All dreamers are vulnerable

People who inspire you have been where you want to be. They’ve experienced the struggles you haven’t yet seen. And they know that needs to be paid for having a dream.

What do you think people mean when they mention persistence, struggles, risks and dedication again and again? They say truth.

Dreams are unpredictable.

Sometimes you may succeed and feel elated. Other times you may fall flat on your face feel like a loser. And it goes on like this in circles. Each day. And it’s hard to keep going while all this happens to you.

Each day you need to convince yourself that your efforts are worth your dreams even if you aren’t able to see a slight spark of faith. You’re given a hundreds of reasons to quit which welcome you to quit.

The people whom you trust the most may end up telling you that you’re just duping yourself. It hurts. The words of others are so powerful that they may make you quit. I need to tell this to you – be prepared for the worst.

Save your dream from the world. Do whatever you need to do for that. But don’t let the world overpower you. It’s a trap.

And here’s the only reason why I don’t tell dreamers that their dreams won’t come true

Because dreams come true.

That’s the only reason I have.

Know that feeling which you get when others ask you for advice or share their dreams with you? They seem poor to you.

You don’t want to break their heart, and neither have you wanted to disappoint them by saying the truth.

You may try to convince them with kind words or explain your concerns in a kind manner, while all you feel like saying is, “Get real. There’s not even a slight chance that you’ll succeed.”

I’ve been there.

I’ve been one such dreamer, and I’ve also met some others. I know how it feels when people come to you with gleaming eyes and expect you to assure them about their success.

But not all dreamers are the same

Some keep talking. Others ask for advice and remain in the clouds. They never try.

However, there are some real dreamers. The ones who are sincere about what they say and prepared to give all that it takes.

All they need is a slight push from you so they can believe in their dreams – because they’re vulnerable.

They don’t stop, work hard and go on in spite of their struggles. So when people ask me whether their dreams might come true – I don’t state the odds. I let them know that if they’re willing to do something then they should do it. No matter what.

Sometimes I ask questions like “are you passionate about what you’re doing?” I ask them their plans to make them think for themselves. But I never tell them that their dreams won’t come true. It’s a sin. I would feel shameful about myself if I murder their hopes.

A truth I know about dreamers is that almost all of them start from zero as novices who know nothing.

But eventually, as they work hard and pursue tiny milestones. Their achievements add-up to their overall success. And while doing so, they set themselves on a journey which ultimately leads them towards glory.

They face their own share of struggles and fail often like any other dreamer. But in the end, everything that they do pays off. Those dreamers succeed.

You’re left to wonder in awe how they did it. Gradually, they end up doing what you once thought was impossible.

They all get better. No one remains imperfect forever. So instead of telling people their dreams might not come true, show them that you trust them.


Dreams don’t always make sense in the beginning. Yet, keep playing your part.

Although, you cannot control circumstances or bring the desired outcomes, you can keep trying until you get closer to your goals.

All dreams start this way.

So if you’re still hesitant and haven’t started, then here’s a reminder – you can succeed if you’re ready to put in the effort.

Finally, while you’re busy following your dreams, help others who are like you. They need you.

What inspires you to chase your dreams?

What are the problems which you often face?

I would like hearing from you in the comments. Maybe, tell me about what is it that you love doing.




17 Ways to Inspire Others and Add Some Sparkle to Their Lives

Inspire Others

Download this post as a PDF for reading or sharing later.

We all talk for endless hours, spend our days together and have made it a way of life.

We call it a life.

But are making enough efforts to make the lives of those around us better?

I mean, yes, we’re existing together. We’re even making efforts to make the best out of life, but not fully.

We underestimate the role we play in others’ lives, barely recognize our potential and fail to make our presence count.

We take ourselves too seriously and get entangled in our own world.

Maybe we have become self-centered or maybe we have given others just a negligible role – but we’ve lost a regard for others’ existence.

In the part of giving ourselves more attention than necessary, we’ve missed a lot.

The one thing which I’ve learned through the years

We’re all craving.

There’s a part of you which craves for love, respect, attention, value and appreciation. It pleads to be treated like a human.

No matter how ordinary your emotions and desires seem, they make your life altogether.

There’s a child within you who cannot be fooled. He craves for what he deserves and tries hard to earn it.

You spend your whole life doing things which can earn you what you want; you don’t always get what you want.

You fail often and get disappointed by the lies, mockery, and betrayal of this world.

You believe that the world is a bad place, and soon you hide yourself within a coat of pretension, and calls yourself a “grown up.”

But soon, the coat of pretension falls off and reveals all your scars, pains, and hurts which you hide.

That’s when you can’t pretend.

All your emotions become naked and you realize how vulnerable and weak you are.

You realize that no matter how grown up you are, that child still stays within you. He never leaves you.

And finally you need to admit how human you are – feeble, weak, and just another living organism in the universe, hiding his innocence deep within.

A simple truth about life

I’m a grown up. Or at least my age indicates so. I’m often asked to be mature, behave in a particular way with people, learn some odd social etiquette, or just change my way of life.

I had to learn all this because I was taught to; even you were. Or maybe we taught it to ourselves.

Once you grow up you can’t cry, you pretend to be like everything’s alright even though something aches in your chest, and you smile without any reason to show how strong you are.

However, at the end of the day you’re left alone to deal with your own sorrows, and it feels miserable.

We’re craving for all the things we deserve in life.

We act fake in order to be accepted by others and lose our identities, we dress well in order to be liked, say the words we don’t agree with to please people, and what for?

Because we’re trying hard to be accepted.

Where it all started? I don’t know.

Maybe while we all were busy making lives harder for each other.

Is it necessary to be fake? No, I believe that you can always be loved when you’re genuine. There’s no need to become a hypocrite at the cost of your own values, identity, and principles.

The other truth

If you think that you’re someone out of the league and you won’t be respected, loved, or accepted by the society if you fail to abide by all its rules, then you’re like everyone else.

Here’s the funny part – everyone else is similar; insecure, fearful to judgment, and waiting to be accepted.

Let me explain it with a childhood incident of mine. It resembles this situation to me.

We had a dog in our society which was rather violent and barked at everyone. Everyone feared the dog; the dog ruled the streets.

Once, I suddenly encountered the dog from an unsafe proximity. The dog had come from some other street and stood right before me.

I turned pale.

I couldn’t think of any other rescue plan so I tried shooing the dog.

“Hurrr” I shouted.

The dog defended his side by barking. “Bow! Bhow!”

I stood there like a statue and didn’t move. “Hurrr!” I shouted again while hoping it won’t bite me.

The dog stood there firmly and at me barked again. I got stuck. There seemed no other way out.

So I jumped backwards, and ran for cover as fast as I could, praying in my heart to not get bitten.

I ran. I ran until I got exhausted and reached my home which was some distance away and turned back to see if the dog was still following me.

But what I saw then was funny.

The dog was running away even faster and had almost reached the other end of the street.

While I was thinking I was vulnerable, the poor dog was fearing me too. Overall, it was nothing more than an ambiguous situation.

The conclusion?

It has nothing to do with dogs but something serious.

“We’re all making lives harder for each other, without even realizing it.”

No, we aren’t treating others like dogs and neither are others doing any such thing to us.

However, unknowingly, we’re creating an environment that prevents others from expressing how they feel and keeps them in their miserable state.

The regretful part is that same things are happening to us.

We fear others, others fear us.

We hate others, others hate us.

We criticize others, others criticize us.

And unfortunately this messed up list goes on.

The circumstances shouldn’t have been such and could be made better.

All this can be fixed if we take a stand and do what we’re capable of by making tiny efforts from our side.

If you play your part fair, the world definitely changes, no matter how slowly.

Don’t you notice this?

We drown so much in ourselves that we forget to admire the world that’s outside us.

Maybe we’ve become more selfish than we should be and have made this world a sorrowful place to live on.

Each day we think of our own happiness, our own dreams, and our own benefits.

But how often do we think about doing something for others? Yes, we do.

And do we do it? Not that often.

Just imagine a world where everyone’s trying to make others happy. Everyone caring about each other selflessly, spreading smiles, and doing well without any motive.

Wouldn’t it have been better?

That’s one of the greatest things I can imagine. It restores my hope and makes me believe that there’s still a lot of space for good.

This is what you must be worrying about

Although you can act like what others do to you doesn’t matter to you, that you’re a titanium who never feels pain, or that actions of other don’t bother you – they do.

You know how much they hurt.

But you’ve got so much used to it that you barely even notice how it affects you.

Just recall.

  • The last time someone yelled at you.
  • Told you something so painful that it’s hard to forget.
  • Criticized you, judged you and made you feel  ashamed about yourself.
  • Insulted you by saying you how meaningless your thoughts are.

Couldn’t that have been avoided? Was it necessary?

We’re already wounded by such futility and often hurt by others.

The world consists of meaningless conflicts, buried hatred and petty thoughts – if you cut this part, it suddenly starts looking like a beautiful place to live on.

Everyone needs to be healed

Life would’ve been great if everyone worked for the welfare of others. Or at least, avoided adding anything to what’s already worsening.

While everyone is going through tough times, facing hardships, forcing a smile on his lips, and trying to find a meaning in his existence, you could be making a difference.

When it comes to happiness, don’t miss a chance to appreciate even the simplest of things in life.

I’m humbled when someone greets me with a smiling face.

I’m thankful to the people who appreciate my work which I put my heart and soul into.

I’m grateful for having everyone who cares about me and makes me realize my significance when I feel hopeless.

And tell you what? These simple things are enough for a lifetime to be spent happily.

Life’s made up of tiny truths, the sooner you realize them the thankfully you can spend the rest of your life.

And what would a good world look like?

Picture a place where everyone is making others happier with all that they’re capable of doing.

There isn’t much to it, and neither it is difficult to imagine.

The world we’ve been praying for will be peaceful and simple.

It will be the kind of place where:

  • People won’t need to conceal their emotions when expressing themselves due to the fear of others.
  • Dreams will be understood and shared instead of being kept suppressed due to vulnerabilities, judgments, or criticism.
  • Everyone will back-up each other and help genuinely.
  • There won’t be any ominous intentions for others but only transparent deeds.
  • Words like hope, happiness, and ideas will be used more in conversations than talks about people.

The fact is, everything would have been a lot simple even if the people around us tried to be kind, generous, and loving.

You can’t keep waiting for that. Someone has to take a stand. You’ve got a responsibility – to makes lives well and to inspire.

Create a change as soon as you can. If others refuse to be a part of your dream, start with yourself. They shall follow later.

This is how influential you are (darn powerful!)

You underestimate yourself.

If you knew how influential your words and deeds are, you wouldn’t miss a chance to impact everyone around you with your presence, or to leave a mark of your deeds wherever you go.

Say your friend that he looks better with a white shirt on and I bet that he’ll wear it often. Isn’t it some sort of magic?

Tell an artist how much his art means to you and you’ll find him creating masterpieces. Isn’t it somewhat a miracle?

Convince your cousin that he could be doing better at academics, guide him well and he won’t disappoint you. Isn’t it astonishing?

Sit beside your loved ones, allow them to open up, and they’ll end up loving you even more. Isn’t it a blessing?

I’m in love with all this process of understanding others, giving them the freedom they deserve, and making little efforts to make them happy.

I would love doing it forever.

If I make myself seem excited while saying this then there’s a reason behind that.

I have a tiny secret to happiness which I wish everyone knew about, and maybe that’s the why I’ve written this post.

A tiny secret to happiness

I’m smiling while I’m writing this.

I’m telling you this because I wish you could know how it feels to see the gleaming eyes, cheerful faces, and open emotions on the faces of your loved ones because of the things you do for them.

It’s something I’m grateful and thankful for.

Some of the best moments in life are the ones in which you have some happy people around you and you’re the reason behind the sparkle on their faces.

This is the secret to happiness. To be more of those reasons.

You use your words, abilities, and gifts to make others smile, to give them the joys they deserve, and to create the change you had been waiting for.

And then, ultimately, you realize that you are born with a gift. The more you use your gift the better you become as a human.

It makes you capable of creating as well as cherishing happiness. In every moment, you learn to celebrate life.

And then you find out that this how wonderful this feeling is. The kind of feeling you would never wish to lose.

Once you realize this, you keep finding reasons to make others happy anyway, you stop caring about your own benefits, and surrender yourself to it.

It becomes a passion you cannot afford to lose by giving your life a meaning which you didn’t realize earlier.

Then, it becomes a habit.

Does this ideal of doing well to others and inspiring them excite you? Me too.

Here’s a list 17 ways you can use to inspire others and add some sparkle to their lives.

1. Cheer them up

Tell others what they can become and then witness their enthusiasm shoot up.

People wish to learn about their capabilities. They need you to remind them of their strengths.  They unconsciously search for an assurance that says “Yes! You can do what you think!”

When you fuel them with your words, they find themselves capable of doing miracles. And then they try to do so.

Your words can inspire people to tackle the impossible, confront their failures and take risks.

You doubt it?

Try cheering up others to find out the results for yourself. Maybe you’ll be surprised.

Here are some ideas:

  • Remind people why they can be successful and mention their worthy qualities.
  • Show them the brighter side of the things for which they take effort.
  • Give them a purpose to work on by telling them why their work matters and what change it brings in the world.

This will be more than enough to fill them with optimism and get the adrenaline pumping through their nerves.

2. Give them hope

People don’t get what they deserve.

They fail often and feel like giving up. They become heartbroken. And then, they decide to quit.

They begin to think of themselves as losers when they’re not. No matter how hard they try, they just cannot see the brighter side of everything.

They deal with so many pains they become blindfolded to hope. It seems impossible for them to go on.

What can you do about this?

Keep their hope alive, kindle a spark within them, and don’t let them give up!

  • Remind people of their past successes and show them how strong they are.
  • Help them in solving their difficulties.
  • Tell them why their ideas might bring out the unexpected wins.

Do whatever you can to make people hold on to their dreams. But don’t let them quit.

Be the light of hope whenever you can. Take a step toward rescuing people from their misery. If you don’t, you’ll be failing your gift of life.

3. Teach them

Are you great at something? Do you know something better than others?


You’ll be loved for doing that.

People are curious about knowing what they don’t know, and when you teach what they don’t know – you give them something to feel good about themselves.

Teach them a computer shortcut, a magic trick, a GK fact, rules of a game, how life works or anything that would leave a smile on their face.

 As humans, we were born to grow by teaching and learning from each other.

We prosper only by educating others, creating awareness, and then creating an environment that accepts changes by understanding them.

Our feelings reflect what’s within us. Interests define us by showing what we wish to be. Experiences mold us and make us who we are.

When we use what we have learned for others – we make the world a better place to live on.

Be a nice teacher whenever you can.

4. Share your stories

People find solace in each others’ experiences.

They hear fairy tales, watch movies, and read books because they’re always searching something to which they can relate themselves.

Hope, despair, joys, pains, and all our emotions can be concealed and expressed through stories.

When the stories you talk about are your own – they’re worth sharing and capable of inspiring.

I’m sometimes a mere idiot who writes about incidents from his life. An ordinary conversationalist who shares random memories from his past.

But here’s what I know – people love listening to those stories. They wish to hear more of them.

You stories are your experiences. Each of your story is a mirror that reflects your life. Your stories speak truths on your behalf.

When you tell incidents from your life you allow other to peek into your soul, you show them a part of your heart that no one has ever seen, and give them a touch that lasts forever.

Be someone who shows his scars, vulnerabilities, struggles, celebrations, and opens up his life for lighting up the lives of everyone else around him.

Be a storyteller, you’ll end up living twice.

5. Help them

Be a ray of hope. Be the one to whom people look up to when they’re weak.

Your strength, talent and abilities that are capable of creating an influence.

Your wealth and resources are a means you can use to grow others.

In either ways, you’re always blessed with something that you can use to serve others.

Look around yourself. Things aren’t as good as they should be.

Broke families, hopeless relationships, insecure people, unhealthy individuals, painful lives – there’s something wrong.

You can fix that!

Help whenever you can. However you can.

6. Trust

Being trusted strengthens self-belief.

When was last time someone expressed his belief in you and stood by your side without doubting you?

It feels great, doesn’t it?

Even if for a second, you feel like you’re infallible, indomitable, and a winner for life.

Suddenly you reach your peak state, try harder, stop doubting yourself, and form a mind-set that shows no trace of fear.

That’s how others feel too when you trust them.

The world if full of people filled with fear and doubts, and all they need is some people to trust them.

Maybe a slight push to step out of their limitations and face the odds. You can be the one to make that push.

Trust those who tell you their ideas, trust those who share their dreams with you, trust those who come to you when they need nothing more than a friend to talk to.

That trust is magical, it’s capable of making people do marvels, and it costs nothing.

So, trust.

7. Care

Can you recall those messages your beloved ones sent you on your birthday?

You probably know what I’m talking about. How special it feels. The love and care you receive from others – It’s a blessing.

We all wish to feel special and to be cared for – all of us! There are no exceptions.

Take some time out to ask people if they’re alright. Show them you affection for them by expressing it with your words and actions.

They’ll be touched at their heart by knowing that you care to remember them and show them how much they mean to you.

Make others feel important. Show them how special they are. Care for them.

8. Take a stand for them

Stand for others when they’re vulnerable.

When they’re weak, when they see no hope, when they’re broken, when they’re damned, they need someone to be there with them.

We all are such – weak. None of us is capable of fighting all the struggles or standing the adversities alone.

We need some saviors and rescuers when we fall or fail.

I still remember when a senior boy tried bullying me in school. I had turned pale and fearful.

The boy approached to hit me but an elder friend of mine came to my rescue. He grabbed that boy, smacked him on the shoulder and pushed him aside.

“You got a problem?” he said threatening him.

 The boy tried saying something but couldn’t and began stuttering.

“Shut up!” my friend interrupted and warned him to not mess up again. That boy silently vanished from there with a lowered head. He had to.

“Never fear such morons. The more you fear, the more they bother you,” my friend said.

I can still recall that scene. It’s fresh inside me. I was relieved at that particular moment.

What I don’t remember is the exact reason behind that conflict.

I guess it was because my bicycle had mistakenly bumped into his bicycle while I was walking getting it out of the parking area.

But what I remember more than those things is what my friend did for me.

He was there for me when I was weak.

He took a stand for me.

Taking a stand for someone else is like being a superhero. It’s about using your powers at the right time.

Be a superhero maybe. Take a stand for others.

9. Respect them

Respect is something everyone is working really hard for.

All are hell-bent on earning respect.

They work till late nights to earn more money, buy expensive things and show-off to display a higher status, or simply wish to do something which would get them others’ attention.

They cannot be blamed for it either, as respect is something that motivates us. It’s a part of our existence. If we’re doing something to achieve it there’s nothing much wrong with it.

But what if you’re respected for the way you are and where you are? That would obviously be great.

You can give people what they’re working for – respect.

It takes nothing to be gentle in your interactions with people, doing little things for them or to treating them better.

But the impression it leaves on their mind is powerful. They feel good about themselves. And then, they thank you for making them feel so.

Finally, they respect you in return and treat you back equally.

10. Be kind

Greet people with a smile, forgive their mistakes, and treat them like they mean something.

Being kind is about doing the little things that count and developing a mind-set that only wishes to do well.

It doesn’t require any kind of training or practice but a slight change of thoughts and intentions. 

Honestly wish for the growth and success of everyone. Don’t wish for ill against anyone and be tolerant with people.

Kindness is about being more humble and easy on people.

11. Understand them

If you don’t understand people, you leave them to suffer in pain.

Often, people are silently suffering in isolation and ask for nothing more than being understood. They’re dying inside, wishing for someone to feel how they feel and condole them.

If you don’t allow others to express how they feel and don’t listen when they speak their heart out, why would they be with you?

Be someone whom people rely on for lessening the burdens of their hearts.

Walk into their shoes to know how they feel and make them feel valued. That would be enough sometimes.

12. Appreciate them

Appreciation encourages.

It gives people the hope of going on, it reminds them of their goodness and increases their self-esteem.

Appreciation starts with mentioning the good.

You often see something wonderful and admire it, but do you always care to mention it?

The next time you see you friend dressed well, tell him that he looks nice.

If your cousin plays great guitar, tell him how wonderful it sounds.

If you have some people who fill your life with happiness, appreciate their presence and tell them what they mean to you.

Everything that’s good in this world needs some appreciation to happen and to realize its value.

If you don’t appreciate good things, they perish. If you don’t appreciate good people, they fail to realize their value.

You don’t want that to happen.

The next time you find something adorable, don’t forget to mention its loveliness.

13. Don’t judge them

Judging is a low form of expressing your opinion and implying your own thoughts against someone else.

When you judge people, they don’t change their opinions but they do conceal their emotions and beliefs. Sometimes, they even hate you.

People, when judged, feel devalued.

They become fearful while expressing, hide their opinions, think of themselves to be idiots, and they don’t forgive you for pushing them in that miserable state.

It’s not that they change themselves because of you. But they’ll shun you for judging them.

Soon, they won’t even care how you feel about something or what your views are, and maybe, even avoid being with you.

It’s not your job to decide what choices others should have or what their views must be like. Allow them to be themselves.

Yes you might disagree sometimes, but there are other ways to changing people without being unkind.

There are already enough of people making others’ lives miserable, and there’s no need for some more.

Allow others to be free, let everything just be.

14. Criticize less

You might think that you’re being quite rightful while pointing out the wrong, but it only makes others shun you.

Insulting others, is like slapping them on the face. By doing it you lower them to others, and strip down their reputation.

Also, it doesn’t even serve to any purpose most of the time.

Criticism is one of those obstacles which most people face on their path to success. It drags them down and shatters their beliefs.

It’s not always the right way to make people aware of their mistakes.

You can be softer in your approach, convey your concerns humbly, and tell how things could be made better instead of telling how unsound they are.

Tell them what’s right and leave the rest up to them.

Allow them to learn their own lessons, let them make some mistakes, but hold the urge of criticizing them. It may break them.

15. Thank them

Thank you – this word brings out the good in others.

Saying thanks in response to the good things done to you assures others that their deeds do count.

This shows them that their kindness is being noticed, that their tiny acts are really adding happiness to others’ lives and bringing a change.

People need to know that whatever good they do is valuable, and even if they don’t always ask for praises or appreciation, they do feel a need for it deep in their hearts.

But don’t be mistaken to think that people do well so that others may be thankful to them. Not at all. They play their part anyway.

But it’s your role to preserve that kindness by showing how essential it is for the good to prosper and prevail.

16. Be genuine and truthful to them

When you’re betrayed, you feel insecure among our own people.

The lies and secrets which you bury deep within your heart only breed distrust and insecurity.

If you wish to genuinely wish to be part of people’s lives then you have to be honest. There hasn’t ever been anything else that matters as much honesty in relationships.

When you fool others to fulfill your motives, whatever you get is undeserved.

Don’t fake yourself to others. People expect you to be what you are. Always.

17. Be there for them

You can’t be with everyone all the time.

But you can ensure them that they can rely on you, which works in the same way as your being with them.

Establish a belief in the heart of people. Make them feel that you’ll be there for them whenever they’ll need you and abide by your word.

Your presence is rather comforting and soothing to others.

This will allow those around you to live more happily and freely, as they’ll know that they’ve got a backup just in case they fail.

They’ll know that they have someone by their side, whatever be then.

One gift you shall have – you will be remembered

While you’ll engage yourself in doing all the virtues and contribute your own tiny bits to the world, you will also receive back what you give to others.

You shall what you’ve been waiting for, what you deserve, and what makes life beautiful. You will have it all.

Your world shall be a peaceful one, and your people – happy.

In the end, you will be remembered for every deed that you do for others and your efforts will pay off in the long run by turning you into a humble human.

These good deeds of yours won’t go unrewarded.


You’re born with an enchanting ability of inspiring others. You can add more smiles to the lives of people around you.

And most of the time, it takes nothing more than a bit of generosity and kindness to turn the world into something better.

What do you think is the best way to inspire others? Wish to share something? Feel free to leave a comment.





The Best Way to Make Life Easier

The best way to make life easierLife is hard sometimes. Far more complicated than we think.

It’s rumpled and tangled; beyond imagination.

The plans you make turn out to be laughable when a catastrophe strikes you. A disheartening event is enough to snatch a smile off your face. A loss can make you hopeless.

If you’re a delicate person, a simple thing as words might break you.

When you watch some truths reveal themselves to you each day, life seems like an odd tale no one told you about.

Often, it is a bitter truth. A pathetic joke. Not as soft as you thought it would be.

Or maybe you knew that life isn’t fair but you weren’t prepared to face this truth either.

What others think

I asked my acquaintances to define life in just one word. Here’s how they did it. (I loved hearing the answers from all these creative people. Thanks for helping me out guys, you’re awesome!)

Life is ___.

  • Adventure – Amogh Chivate
  • Amazing – Meghna Wankhede
  • AWESOME – Kenny Vandenberg
  • Beautiful – Harshita Chaudhary
  • Bitch – Manisha Rajotiya
  • BlessingLalit Mistry
  • Canvas – Priti Kulkarni
  • Commitment – Sadhana Gaikwad
  • Complicated – Utsah Ostwal
  • Dream – Rushikesh Vaidya
  • EnchantingMayur Deshmukh
  • Fabulous – Harikesh Shinde
  • Good – Manisha Gaikwad
  • Journey – Sayalee Raut
  • Mystery – Ravina Suthar

It’s wonderful to see how we all look at life so differently, isn’t it?

However, I learned one simple thing about life while reading all these answers – how we look at life depends on how life happens to us.

Your thoughts about life keep changing. When something great happens to you, you feel blessed to be alive. And when something goes wrong, you see life as a miserable thing. You views about life change as life changes. 

This is what makes life tough

Everything that happens to you changes the way you see life.

As you grow up and find you own ways to deal with difficulties, you begin to see life through your own perspective. The perspective which acts much like a glass only you can see through.

All the events shape you and show you the truths. As you grow up, you find your own ways of living.

However, no matter how you live your life, you’re not much different from others.

You become insecure when you realize that you cannot control everything. Losing teaches you how vulnerable you are.

You notice your fragility when something happens against your will, and your limitations expose your weaknesses.

These are some undeniable truths about life. Learning these truths is what makes life look hard.

Life is meant to be hard

I don’t like to say this either, but yes, life is hard.

Sometimes you’re broke and can’t go on. It becomes hard to hold on to dreams amid a place where hope only decays with each passing day and circumstances force you to quit.

No matter how hard to try to make things happen your own way, there comes a time when you have to realize that you’re not strong enough to control everything.

Sometimes, all you can do is quit and let go.

Though, don’t think that you’re a loser or victim when you’re fighting against the odds.

It’s nothing more than accepting life. With all its flaws and challenges. As it is.

You can only feel joy when you deserve what you get earn your goals with your hard work.

The dreams you wish to pursue come to you only after you’ve made several sacrifices and surrendered yourself completely to them. Pains are always an inseparable part of life.

No matter what your thoughts about an ideal life might be, a part of life always remains irreparable.

Money can’t always bring happiness. Having everything you need doesn’t mean you’ll succeed. Lack of chaos cannot guarantee that you’ll work hard.

Turn around life, change it, fix it – yet it remains as it is.

Maybe you shouldn’t change life. Just adapt yourself to change with it and accept everything that comes on your way.

The best way to make life easier

There’s a way to fix life and ease it forever. To cast away all the confusions, forget all the sorrows and put an end to all the sufferings.

If you wish to improve your life, you can do it at once. Or maybe know how to do it and then improve it slowly. All the answers you seek are already within you.

You don’t need someone else to guide you to do it, or spend money to buy more self-help books.

It isn’t necessary to know what your religion teaches you – you have a tendency which is a wisdom enough. Perhaps, god gave you that tendency.

It’s not that can put an end to your heartbreak, prevent your loved ones from dying or keep yourself from getting broke. Those are the inevitable parts of life.

But there’s something within you which can inspire you to rise again, heal you, and help you to live your life the way you want. Peacefully, happily, and easily. The way you want.

Listen to your feelings.

Your feelings are the untainted truths which come straight from your soul and heart. Listen to them. Don’t manipulate them. Act in accordance with your feelings and your life will be a lot easier.

This is how life happens

All the mysteries about life are often simple. The great things you behold don’t have any secrets.

If you pay close attention, you’ll learn that the actions of people are often a manifestation of what they feel.

  • How a passion starts

    No one is born with his passion already known to him. He finds it when he listens to the voices that guide him from within.

    Finding your passion depends on you. Either you can choose to suppress what your heart tells you by being practical, or choose a path which leads you towards your goals. Your choices make you.

    When you were a child and thought about painting, maybe you should have kept painting. But since you didn’t, you never became a painter.

    If you would’ve have listened to your heart, you could have become a painter along with doing your day job.

    The world doesn’t have power to keep you from following your passions, you do that by holding yourself back.

    If you still have a passion, it might be a good thought to act on it again. You might fail, but that won’t be a shameful thing. At least you’ll have tried.

  • How you learn truths

    Life is often spent in pretending.

    The more you pretend to others and to yourself, the farther you’re dragged from the truths.

    If you keep pretending for too long you lose your identity and feel lost.

    Others’ appreciation may be fake, your accomplishments won’t necessarily make you happy, and living the conventional life isn’t the only destiny you have.

    However, if you seek the truth, you may find what you want.

    When you realize that you were living a life you knew less about, you find truth. You can either choose the path of truth, or get back to the same old worn out life.

    That moment is precious when you find a truth about yourself. It’s like a fine line which can take you away from the world you live in to the world you want to live in.

    If you have enough courage, you cross to the other side. If you hesitate don’t and your life remains the same. It’s up to you.

  • How you become wise

    Wisdom. No one actually knows where to get it.

    Everyone is trying hard though. To be wise, mature, and become someone who can prevent making mistakes in life. All wish to be the guy who doesn’t stumble in the walk of life.

    But you only become wise when you learn from your own lessons.

    Learning from others’ mistakes doesn’t always work. You need to make your own mistakes. Those are the only best teachers. Even if you don’t make them, they happen to you.

    Mourn, cry, grieve, and let go. Make a mistake, learn from it and move on. That’s the only wisdom there is.

    The moment you understand what went wrong and decide to fix it, you become wise. When you find out enough fixes, you grow wiser. 

  • How adversities make you

    We all have our own hell to deal with.

    You may have suffered a lot, spent days in isolation, and reminisced your regrets.

    Hardships get to everyone. They’re inescapable.

    But there’s a good thing about them. They help you in getting your life back on track. You only fear those hard knocks in life as long as you’re safe.

    Once you become vulnerable and weak, you stop running away from what dreads you. You don’t fear, you don’t hide – you tackle.

    Adversities change you. Your desire to escape the adversities molds you into someone better than before.

  • How you find love

    You discover that you’re being loved when you’re accepted by others.

    The people who love you don’t judge or change like the rest of the world. They accept you with all your flaws, and with them, you feel valued.

    Love makes you honest, open and truthful. Love turns you into a better person. When you love people – you grow.

    You become capable of making sacrifices, you work harder for whom you care, and above all, the love you have in your part of life is enough to inspire you.

    No one falls in love by choice; it’s your heart and feelings that always take you to the right people.

  • How innovations are done

    Innovations are done when you wish to make a change or try to find a purpose behind all that happens.

    The habit of innovating and simplifying things is like an itch that doesn’t go away until it’s scratched.

    Most of the innovation comes out of dissatisfaction. Innovations are done by the people who cannot sit still.

    They want to simplify what they know can be simplified. They don’t settle with inconvenience – they wreck it.

    Isaac Newton could have ignored the apple, Archimedes could have stayed in the bathtub, Steve Jobs could have followed the norms – but they didn’t.

    Once an idea to innovate something strikes you, you can either find a purpose in it and reveal something great, or plainly ignore your feelings.

  • How dreams are accomplished

    Pursuing dreams is a crazy thing.

    It’s about believing when you have no reason to believe, choosing hope over probability, and working on what doesn’t make sense.

    When you have a dream, you work even when the chances of your success are zilch.

    You deal with the unimaginable and try to subdue your limitations. You risk all that you have and give all that you can.

    Nothing is assured either. You might fail, you may get nothing out of your work, or you may even have to deal with misery. Yet you go on.

    Dreaming makes you selfless and audacious. You don’t care about what comes on your way or about the circumstances that follow. You’re prepared for everything.

    But then, everything you do pays off.

    The tiny accomplishments, gradual moments of development, and all that you’ve done come together to turn your dreams into a reality. The insensible things start making sense.

    Where does the journey to chasing dreams begin? With the tiny impulses within you which demand you to act.

    If you follow those impulses, you might find your dream, or you can suppress them and pretend like you never felt anything.

Every feeling speaks on your behalf

Here’s a tiny secret – you’re wise. Wiser than you think you are.You have all the knowledge you need to lead a happy life within you.

But you can only realize your wisdom if you listen to your feelings.

If you pretend to be blind to what you feel and can’t hear the voice which your heart keep whispering to you, then you haven’t realized that wisdom yet.

  • Doubts – Your doubts stop you and confuse you. They make you anxious and incapable of making decisions. However, your doubts also form a fine line between your dreams and your limitations. When you abandon your doubts, you find courage.

    Doubting yourself makes you weak, yet, it’s what gives you a reason to find your inner strength. It prepares you for the worst.
  • Love – It’s pure and powerful. Thoughts don’t control it. You don’t make it happen. It happens by itself.

    You love what brings out the best in you. Your possessions, your people, your passion – all of them reflect who you are. Your love for what you do shows the change you want to create.

    Your love for people tells how you want to be treated in life and what others can expect from you.Your dreams, your friends, and your things are what give you a purpose.

    When you have love for nothing in life, you lose your purpose and feel lost. Love is what guides everything. Love is the purpose which inspires us to live.
  • Happiness – It’s more than a curve on your lips. When you’re happy, you express what you want your life to be like.

    Your first paycheck, discussing an old incident with your best-friend, and being with someone you care for – don’t these things make you happy?

    The next time something makes you happy, just understand that it might be something you have been searching for.Do more of what makes you happy. Stay with those who make you happy. Don’t let logic complicate life for you. It’s only your feelings that prove you’re a human.
  • Anger – Your anger is often innocent. At times, brash and violent. But it tells something. All your anger asks for is a change.You get angry yourself when you fail to change your life. Rage takes over you when others don’t act as per your will. You fret at life when it goes against your plans.

    All the anger filled within you is asking for a change. So take control of your life and bring a change instead of fighting with yourself every moment.Let go what doesn’t deserve to stay with you. Be mature. Just because you’re angry sometimes doesn’t mean you’re bad.Anger too is a part of who you are. Find out why you’re angry, change what needs to be changed and accept life. 
  • Guilt – Your guilt makes you feel ashamed. It smashes your self-esteem and reveals the flaws in you. You guilt makes you think of yourself as unworthy.But your guilt is a sign of the goodness within you. You only feel guilty when you admit what you’ve done wrong.Your guilt indicates how sorry you are about what went wrong and it also indicates how willing you are to fix it.Your guilt is what shows that you wish to release the past and hope start a new future.Forgive yourself. Move on. Life gives you enough chances, and your guilt only asks you to rise again.
  • Grief – You cannot appreciate the value of happiness without suffering. Grief makes you aware of truth. If no grief ever touches you, you stay weak and remain unaware about an important part of life.

    Tragedies strike everyone. Everyone has reasons to be sad. Yet, there are some simple lessons hidden behind all these miseries which life teaches us.
  • Hope – It is the silent reason which controls our life each day.

    If there’s one thing which keeps all of us alive, it’s hope. Each day we wake up thinking that something great will happen to us – even when there aren’t many reasons.

    We smile, work hard to get the fruits our persistence, and act with the expectations of getting outcomes. Would we all have done these things if we had no hope in us? No.

    Our hope defends us and prevents us from quitting when we’re at our worst. When we’re clinging to life, hope is what keeps us from falling. 


The best way to ease your life is to live a life based on what you feel. You heart is your best guide and friend.

If you ever find yourself lost or in pain, peek within – there’s always an answer to all the questions which make you restless.

What do you think is the best way to make life easier?

Do you do something to stay at peace amid the chaos of life?

Have you got any thoughts?

Share in the comments.