Brag Value vs. Real Value

Certain accomplishments and possessions earn you the ‘wows’ at parties, whereas some put a genuine smile on your face. Is it hard to figure which ones matter more?

The first ones have an eyebrow-raising brag value of sorts that elevates your social status, whereas the latter ones drench your heart with lasting fulfillment.

We often confuse these two

We buy some things hoping that they’ll make us feel valued. Or we let go of what our heart craves as it appears too naïve. Here’s a rough attempt at distinguishing both:

Brag ValueReal Value
We chase accolades that barely matter to us so that we can brag about, assuming that we’re closer to happiness. But the materialistic pursuit feels hollow later.On the other end, it’s what we’ve been dying to do but hesitate to pursue because people look down upon it. Yet, it’s fulfilling, underrated, but quite close to a calling.

The problem?

In both cases, chances are we might delude ourselves to impress others while putting our own wishes at stake.

So, a simple question like “am I doing it for the brag value or real value?” makes it easier to decide whether or not a commitment is worth our time and resources.

  • Should you enroll for the course that’s all hyped up?
  • Should you buy that expensive car?
  • Should you learn to play the guitar?

It’s good to have socially high achievements, but the simple and modest stuff that fills you with joy is no less important. Put real value above brag value … any given day.