Why You Should Ignore the World and Start Working on Your Dream

Ignore the world and start working on your dream

I felt like people should care. I wanted to feel important. All that doesn’t matter anymore.

We’re all trapped.

Even if we’re free humans roaming in independent countries, doing what we want to do … we’re locked in invisible shackles.

While there are social, cultural, religious, and other barriers, we’re mostly trapped inside our own heads.

We’re worried, doubtful, weak, and sweat whenever we try moving beyond our limits.

We’re worried about the world

I did.

I thought I’d look like a fool if I ever dare to express myself – so I didn’t write.

I had a timid urge to help and inspire people, and a handful of good intentions and thoughts, but nothing more than that.

“It’s not enough,” I thought.

  • I am not a millionaire and I don’t own a glazing car.
  • My writing is bad (and I’m not a writer). Nobody cares about me.
  • My opinions are ordinary, and no one would want to listen.
  • My dream is useless. I should probably not talk big things like “changing the world!”
  • I’m an ordinary person. The world would laugh at me when it realizes this.

I had doubts flooding my mind.

I was my own enemy – but only until I started. After which I realized that starting was a good decision.

Moving past those thoughts takes time. But if you don’t do that, you remain a loser to yourself.

How to not be a loser

“I wouldn’t feel like a loser if a bunch of people laugh at me. But I would, if I could not look at myself in the mirror anymore.”

Here’s a simple lesson I’ve learned – it’s easy to waste your life impressing the world.

Wear fashionable clothes, pretend to be someone you’re not, follow the rules – they’d clap and whistle.

In fact, is easier than facing your inner struggles to an extent. But that doesn’t make you a hero (in case you want to be one).

Your wins are hidden in your intentions and wishes. It’s about living the way you want to live your life.

So the best way to not be a loser is to not let the world intimidate you, and start working on your dream or passion somehow.

Live a life you dream about – even if it’s a bit odd and unconventional.

And what about happiness?

I’ve found that happiness isn’t in the external appreciation but rather about how we feel about ourselves.

Joy comes from within.

As long as you don’t start working on your passion, fear that others would criticize you, and keep delaying … you keep pushing your happiness away from yourself.

Sure, people keep silently watching you. They judge you in their minds. But none of what they do can come in your way.

You’re the only barrier you’re facing, though you might not realize it.

As for your dreams

The world only takes you seriously when you do.

  • People will keep noticing you, some good people might support you, and maybe some will hate you as well.
  • It takes time to be good, so take your time, and work until you feel you’re improving.
  • You may fail often, but that’s not even failure. You become polished. It gets better.
  • Gather courage, keep going and see what comes on your way. It’s better than staying still and wondering.
  • Your dream won’t fail you. It’ll give you enough freedom and reasons to be happy.

Instead of caring too much about how others see you and getting stuck in the external chaos, think of the opportunities you miss out.

In the end, it’s you who’s living, not they.

Benefit or loss – it’s all going to be yours.

So ignore the world and begin what you hadn’t, and own your decision, instead of creating space for regrets in life.

Secretly, that’s what I’ve tried to do, and it has worked for  me.