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Favorite Twitter Bio

From all the Twitter bios that I’ve seen, I love Casey Neistat’s the most. With two words and a symbol, it says “family + work.” 


Dying This Way

If we were to drop dead right now, we’d leave behind a lot of incomplete stuff. Most people would. What becomes of us after that? 


Advertising // Rambling

Back cover of Bill Hick’s ‘Love All the People’

Here’s a random lump of words on my thoughts about advertising.

  1. PPTs are easy, brainwork is tough
  2. Advertising ‘blinkers’ blind us to the world
  3. Words and pictures are the simplest stimuli
  4. Silence in briefings = thoughts brewing
  5. Random talk can be is productive
  6. You can hypothesize when you can’t strategize
  7. Hunches drag us to better places  
  8. Hyped is not equal to right
  9. Let customers decide whether it matters
  10. Whatever we consume becomes our fuel
  11. Titles don’t define who can do what
  12. Examples convince the toughest skeptics
  13. Making anything lengthier doesn’t make it important
  14. Ridiculous ideas paired with a ‘how’ stand a chance
  15. First we do it, then we learn it
  16. The FOMO is usually not worth it
  17. We never feel adequate as we’re always ‘getting there’
  18. Webinar lessons…evaporate fast
  19. Timesheets are for losers
  20. Some use work as a distraction from life

Finally, the world certainly doesn’t revolve around us. But it helps to be hungry and add our little contribution to the world…while finding some joy in it.

What We Say…is Probably What Matters to Us

More than often my words turn into a kind of soliloquy, because the things I say to others are mostly what I had been dying to tell myself.


Growing Up is Exploration; Adulting is About Connecting the Dots

I turned 25 last year. And 25 is a weird age to hit. It brings along a mini existential crisis while those around you are still congratulating you.


No Silver Bullets

Silver Bullet Syndrome is the belief that the next big change in tools, resources, or procedures will miraculously or magically solve all of an organization’s problems. [Source]