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Sameness means that we are where we were. It indicates that we didn’t try anything new. It shows that we passed years growing adamant, not really shaking up ourselves or embracing newness.


Can’t vs Don’t

Indecision and inability are two distinct things.


A Letter to My Body

A letter to my body

Last year, I tried filling a self-love journal. One of the things it included was a ‘letter to my body,’ which sort of reminds me of how I’ve been taking my health for granted.


How to Find Calmness in Life


Calmness – it’s a beautiful word. It makes me picture myself sitting at the edge of a serene cliff beside a sea, as the cool breeze sways my hair.”


Be Happy for Yourself, Not Others

Be Happy for Yourself

Here’s a quick, sensible tip: Be happy for yourself, instead of trying hard to show others how happy you are.


Why My Generation is Lonelier than Ever

“I heard my friends talking – a girl from my college had hanged herself. “Nobody likes me,” she wrote in her suicide letter, I read in the news the next day. That kept me uneasy for a day or two.”