How to Find Calmness in Life


Calmness – it’s a beautiful word. It makes me picture myself sitting at the edge of a serene cliff beside a sea, as the cool breeze sways my hair.”

Ah, but real life isn’t so complete, because it’s more about having frantic schedules, constant work, and dealing with tasks that seem unfathomable. Still, is there a way to peace? I think so.

Here are some steps you can take to find the calmness you’ve been seeking

  1. Spend a while with nature. Mother earth heals. Biologically, we’re made of the same elements. Even watching a sunset at a lake could be magnificent.
  2. Be creative. Make paper planes, sketch a superhero, or decorate the wall. Creativity helps in breaking the boring monotony of life.
  3. List down your concerns. Don’t mull over them. Just list them down. Then, don’t think of them unless you choose to resolve them.
  4. Dump worries. Easier said than done. Once my mentor sent me this sensible quote. Honestly, worrying is time wasted.
  5. Shake-off anxiety. Life’s uncertainties can give you nightmares. Though, you can prepare instead of sweating your forehead.
  6. Focus on the present. The past is washed. The future isn’t a concern. For now, breathe. Observe what’s around and dump those uneasy thoughts.
  7. Be grateful for being. Life’s a blessing. Being apart or a fragment of this infinite existence isn’t less than a miracle.
  8. Accept yourself. Above anything, accept yourself regardless of your flaws and imperfections. Then be whoever you wish to be.
  9. Shun the screen. Phones cause anxiety. Televisions can be irritating, too. For a while, power-off all the devices. Be more human.
  10. Nap. No, seriously, it works. Take a ten-minute nap between heavy tasks and you’d feel refreshed and more productive
  11. Eat healthily. This boring advice makes sense. A natural diet (juice, maybe) can reduce your fatigue, as compared the preserved junk.
  12. Kick your insecurities. In short, do what you shun, fear or run away from. Do something hard to overcome your limitations. Grow.
  13. Find time for yourself. Then, write lists, introspect, meditate or simply reflect on life and understand your inner feelings. You’ll know a lot.
  14. Clean and organize. Chaotic surroundings mess up your mental peace. They confuse you. So instead of wasting your energy, organize.
  15. Do your work. Fulfill your duties. Be remarkable at your job. It’s easier to be at peace better when you’ve played your part well.
  16. Hush your mind. The mind is wild. Slow it down first. Be blank for a moment, for some minutes. Better? Try it.
  17. Stop punishing yourself. Stop being perfect. Treat yourself fair. You don’t deserve the hatred or pain you inflict upon yourself.
  18. Be emotionally free. Shed your grudges and discontent. Your heart feels lighter when you choose to be emotionally mature.
  19. Free write. What’s in your mind? Pour it all on a paper. Those words say what makes you restless. Fix that.
  20. Solitude and silence. It’s a divine combination. Be quiet, listen to the blankness, and simply stay in the moment. That’s calmness, precisely.

Finally, don’t worry if you aren’t calm

I’m not calm, not always. I try to have a perfectly peaceful life. But then I stick to what works and leave the rest until it sort of fixes itself.

So if you think you aren’t calm, then don’t worry, because nobody is. It’s okay to be surrounded by chaos. But appreciate your efforts.

It is alright to stand right between the cyclones – that’s what life feels like, right? Nobody’s forcing you to become a god. So feel free to grow at our own pace and to discover what works for you.