A Letter to My Body

A letter to my body

Last year, I tried filling a self-love journal. One of the things it included was a ‘letter to my body,’ which sort of reminds me of how I’ve been taking my health for granted.

Ever tried completing those online forms and stuff? Last year I searched for a few self-love questionnaires. I was sort of emotionally drained and was finding new ways to recover, so I thought that could be a good thing to do.

One such questionnaire particularly caught my attention because it had enough details. So I decided to give it a shot – though, this time, I resolved to fill all the blank spaces instead of lazily leaving them empty.

While many of the answers I wrote were quite general, and some were personal, the one that was related to my health still makes me chuckle a bit. It was as follows:

Prompt: Write a letter to your body.

Answer: Hey body, thanks for being normal. Although you don’t seem to be healthy, you’ve still done great, considering that I haven’t taken any serious measures for your well-being until now.


And sort of irresponsible.

Nevertheless, this makes me realize how I take my body for granted, in spite of the fact that it’s supposed to be one of my priorities. I’ve never been the guy who wakes up at five and heads towards a gym, but I feel like I can definitely take some measures.

You might be in the same boat as me. You sleep late, skip your breakfast, worry about your increasing/decreasing weight, and have forgotten what exercising means.

That’s normal – and I think it is fine as long as you’re prepared to take tiny steps.

So what do you do then?

I’ve tried fixing my health while following a hectic schedule and here’s what I think really works.

  1. Go for healthy. More juices or smoothies, fewer snacks, and avoiding junk wherever possible surely makes a difference.
  2. Exercising once a week. You can definitely create time for a full-body exercise session every week. It’s better than doing nothing.
  3. Daily small steps. Like stretching, meditation, or doing push-ups at your desk is something you can easily do at your pace.
  4. Sleep and water. These two things are frequently mentioned everywhere and yet we don’t pay attention to them. Take care of these two, and your body will feel good.
  5. Time. The gap between your meals, sleep duration, and other factors surely affect your lifestyle, although you might not notice it. Pay attention to that.

These steps might seem trivial, but if you turn them into habits, then hopefully you’d be able to resolve the health related concerns you’ve been facing.

I’ve been there and the above list is simply a summation of what has worked for me. Your next step is to discover your own ways to remain healthy while dealing with a frantic life.

Ask yourself a simple question

If I’m not acting yet, when will I? And if not now, when? And how? If even that doesn’t work, then maybe start with writing a letter to your body and hope for the best.