When You Do Something for Yourself

Do Something for Yourself

“Everybody needs a hobby” – Tony Stark

We do a lot sensible stuff. Not because we want to, but because we need to. We were taught to be practical.

It’s like we’re a tiny gear fixed inside this giant machine of world, and then we began thinking we can’t stop. We can stop, or pause, but we forget it. So we run and run and run … until we realize it doesn’t really make sense.

Then we die.

“Everything we do should have a practical reason”

That’s what the world yells at me and you.

Anything you want to do but doesn’t have a practical reason isn’t worth doing. So quit.

  • Study harder. You don’t want to starve when you grow up.
  • Get a high-paying job. A fat wallet will make your family happier.
  • Do the work you hate. Such sacrifice makes sense.

And call it a life.

Take pride, walk around like a unicorn, impress others – and feel like you’ve accomplished something really big. Act like you’re holding the axis the world rotates around.

But what if you couldn’t face yourself?

It happens.

You could be taking a shower or staring at the corner your house, and suddenly this thought may hit you “What has all this been about?”


After all that you’ve done, you should be able to answer yourself, right? But sometimes you don’t get an answer. You ask your conscience, but only silence echoes.

That shouldn’t happen


You can spend hours doing chores. You can also spend years. You can waste a lifetime giving up what you love.

But it’s hard.

So do something for yourself


Bake chocolate cakes. Teach for a non-profit. Compose songs on guitar. Click photos on weekends. Write a blog. Paint sketches.

I don’t know.

But do ‘something’ for yourself.

Love it and appreciate it. It’s pure joy. Innocent and selfless. You’d feel like you’re living – in every instant you do your thing, you discover that life’s good.

It’s lovely to see your thing unfold. It’s like some glitter only you can see. It’s like happiness tickling you, reminding you how beautiful life could be.

Doesn’t matter whether it’s your day job. Or the fact that you’re earning or not. Do it merely for the sake of doing it.

Not everything in life needs to have a reason. Don’t be sensible. Be a free bird, and fly.