The Right Reason to Do Something in Life

Best Reason to Do Things in Life

“People think you always need a reason to do things. But that’s not the answer.”

I grew up this way.

Trying to make a sense of the practical world.

Honestly, the normal lifestyle and the way we live on a daily basis is what I call the practical world.

I’m a part of it, too.

Everyone follows the rules, tries to please neighbors and relatives, and does what doesn’t even feel alright to him or her.

But people are fine with it

They don’t mind.

They can spend their lives that way without giving it a second thought, because they have many reasons.

  • They want to appear better
  • They want to be famous
  • They want seem worthy of respect
  • They want to win awards
  • They want more money

And they’re not wrong, either.

It isn’t their fault.

They were brought up this way, and then they grew up in an environment where they needed to have reasons to do things.

It’s like someone scattered a list of goals in front of them and then they started collecting them.

So first they seek some successes or outcomes to motivate themselves, and then they go after them.

They feel those are some nice reasons to do things in life.

But that’s not the answer

Not really.

Sure, you can find reasons to do things, to chase dreams, or to gain accomplishments – but that’s not what would gratify you.

Instead, we all have a simple yet better reason in life, which may end up looking insignificant.

It’s so darn simple, you don’t even need to be wise or smart to realize it.

Here’s probably the best reason to do things in life

“If you have a reason to do things, then maybe you aren’t living your life to the fullest.”

I’ve met several people.

All of them have certain reasons in life, which somehow lead to a bigger gain or goal.

They all say different things.

  • “I want this job so I can become an authority or earn more cash.”
  • “I’ll get this cellphone or car or stuff and I’d appear richer.”
  • “I’ll give my spouse or girlfriend this gift and she’d be happier.”

And many similar ones.

Mind you, there’s nothing unusual about all this.

Such unsaid rules are something we all live by. We all have a kind of ‘do this to get that’ mentality.

But there’s a tribe of people who are different

They aren’t different in terms of appearances, but their reason makes them distinct.

To be honest, I instantly respect and adore such people.

They don’t care about the conventions, and make me realize there’s so much more to life.

Whenever I ask them why they do something, they have this simple, innocent answer – I don’t know why.

That’s sweet.

That’s the best reason – to have no reason.

  • I feel like singing or dancing, I don’t know why.
  • I love her, I don’t know why.
  • I collect these colorful stones, I don’t know why.
  • I wish to help the poor, I don’t know why.
  • I want to paint the wall white, I don’t know why

People have all these childlike reasons, I don’t know why. But I bet those aren’t the bad reasons at all.

I think, not having a reason is better than most other reasons in life, which are in some way selfish, insincere, or … driven by the desire of wanting more.

That’s a reason worth your attention

“If you’re doing something but you don’t know why, then maybe your heart has already figured it out. Leave the WHYs to it.”

I don’t know what it is that you want in life, but if you catch yourself whispering “I want to it … for whatever reason,” then it may be a good reason.

Don’t deny the hunch or suppress your instincts. Rather, decide to walk on the way you choose, even if it doesn’t make sense for a while.

Because ultimately, it will lead you towards a place where you’d find contentment, and also the happiness you wished for.