If It’s Done With Love

There’s something captivating about those who do whatever they do with pure devotion and love.

Mostly because they don’t care much about admiration. It’s easier for them to persist longer since they aren’t forced by anybody. And they’ll go on anyway because they often do not seek praise but perfection.

The sincere love for their vocation can often be a reason enough for them to keep moving. This attitude also affects those around them.  

Though, people who love what they do are rare

It’s common to come across people curse their day jobs or vent about their workplaces. They also have several reasons to do what they do.

But a rare sum of individuals talk about what they admire and bring a new perspective along with their pleasant stories. Their attitude is contagious.

This makes people around them wonder what’s so great about their job because most people crave that passion and obsession – but they mistakenly assume that it’s the job that’s doing wonders.

But that’s almost never the case

It’s never photography, stock trading, or writing that makes people happy – but rather, it’s their own outlook and never-dropping curiosity combined with the willingness to do more.

Why else would any of those things attract anyone? They do cast a charm when done with love, and similarly, anything done with adeptness has the same effect.