Is Following Your Passion a Terrible Idea?

Is Following Your Passion a Terrible Idea?

We can hold on to what we love while dealing with the practical sides of life. Not too complicated, right?

‘Following your passion’ is a debatable topic. It’s a mindless pursuit for some while others romanticize it.

What’s right? Doing it or leaving it? Whatever you believe in – because people are more concerned about getting an answer than unfolding the meaning.

But the basic reason for conflict between these topics is straightforward: “You’ll be happy if you get to do the work you love. But … you’ll be screwed up if you fail. So be careful!”

Doing what you love is great

Life improves when we discover what brings us joy. Especially, when we find work that feels purposeful.

Otherwise, we pass our days feeling like slaves anyway. So whether you play music, code, or write – cherish it. Love it!

The meaning and happiness we derive from our work are some of the greatest blessings in life. 

But we can’t force that love

It’s easy to feel entitled, stubborn and say that you’ll do only what you want to.

The world tricked us into believing that we’re losers if we don’t turn our hobby into our day job. A person without a purpose. I don’t believe in that.

So, stop fighting the world, follow your heart

In short, find a way to keep doing what you love without screwing up. Or at least, without screwing up badly.

In the end, heavens don’t exist. We all make sacrifices, change plans, and steer through life. What matters is finding a middle ground between our heart and head without crumbling our dreams.

There are no rulebooks for that.

This gets talked about a lot

Does your hobby have to be your job? Should you drop out of college? Can you keep your day job?

Scrap those questions.

The right questions would rather be “How can I keep doing what I love?”, “How I create something people admire?”, “How can I excel?”.

Chase the right stuff. Work on that one genuine intention. And although this might sound vague, it’s what keeps us going in the long run. Simply put, it’s all an eternal pursuit to keep alive our love for something.

Finally, doing beats measuring

Not every step and idea needs to be calculated.

I simply follow my heart and do the right things while moving forward. I’m not some big shot – but I love what I do. That’s all I care about.

Dentists aren’t passionate about teeth, except some maybe. Laborers drudge to feed their families. We don’t get to choose jobs during a crisis. And then there are people who make money doing what they love.

People have reasons.

To contribute. To earn. To be different. To earn status. To be known. To be useful. They have all sorts of intentions which dictate their actions.

Find yours.

And work for it.