How to Fix Your Life Forever

Fix Your Life

“The question remains, why do you think you can’t fix your life? Perhaps, you haven’t realized your strength.”

All people are lost and broken. They conceal their storms within themselves. It’s like they’re in a constant struggle and seeking answers to set themselves free.

Yet, when I look closer, I find that all the answers they seek are right in front of them. It’s just that they need to stick a bit longer to find the root of bad parts of life.

I see people hastily seeking their answers

They read books, attend conferences, ask their wise neighbors for advice, and even travel to Himalayas and whatnot. I’m sort of similar and do not have answers to everything in life.

I’m not an omniscient sage, after all.

Yet, after reflecting on my life for years and trying to comprehend how our emotions, circumstances, and behaviors come together to affect our lives – I’ve come up with a simple way to fix life. It works.

It’s not even an enlightening revelation but rather an eternal truth that remains disguised.

Listen to your feelings, face them, and take a step towards fixing your life

Your life might be different than mine. You could be a teenager worried about his exam results or a 46-year-old divorced man. We’re all different people facing different struggles.

But I’ve noticed something

All our problems begin or intensify because we keep denying what happens within us. We go astray when we push aside our feelings and close our eyes to them because it’s unpleasant.

We deny the bad parts of life instead of fixing them as they make us ashamed and powerless. We don’t want to admit that life could be bad as well. So we seek an escape.

For instance, here’s a list of certain things you might do when you’re finding an escape from your innermost feelings.

  • You turn on the television when you’re broke because you want to shake off the thought that asks “What will you do next?”
  • You raise the volume and play loud songs after a break up because you don’t want to face the blankness within you.
  • You make excuses and yearn sympathy because you don’t wish to be held accountable for your actions and deny your responsibility.
  • You crave materialistic pleasures, travel, and buy stuff when your life lacks meaning and you seek happiness outside.
  • You drink and smoke and because you don’t want to endure the physical or emotional strain that your life causes.
  • You open Instagram even when you don’t wish or need to because you’re procrastinating or avoiding something else.
  • You overeat when you’re lonely, temporarily depressed, and deny facing the voices that echo within you.

You do all of this intentionally.

It says something, doesn’t it?

But while you’re doing all this, fundamentally, what are you really doing?

You’re disguising your inner-feelings.

You constantly neglect the pain which screams to be noticed by you. You silence it or close your ears instead of listening to what it says.

Unless you find the courage to tackle those awful feelings which shatter your self-belief, you remain timid and run away from what needs to be faced.

The farther you move from your deepest emotions the more they conquer you, until you feel crippled and lose your faith.

What are some steps you can take to fix your life?

Honestly, when you’re mindful, pay attention to your feelings, and remain sensitive to even the slightest changes in your life, it isn’t difficult to understand what’s really happening to you.

No matter what kind of struggle you’re going through, you can introspect and talk to yourself to get most of your answers. Though, you only feel helpless when you’ve lost your self-belief.

Yet, when you’ve lost a track of how you can follow your intuition to heal yourself again, you can begin with the following steps.

  1. Admit that your life isn’t perfect and be open to all the bad things which happen to you.
  2. Reflect on your life, look within, and grasp what keeps bothering you.
  3. Get rid of any shortcuts you’ve been taking to disregard or ignore your problems.
  4. Listen to your feelings and find out what they’re urging you to to do.
  5. Take a step to recover from your losses and to create a life you wish to have.

You don’t need a lot to fix your own life. The wisdom of your soul is enough. Follow it.

Remember this

Don’t be ashamed of your pain or sufferings. Don’t push them away. They’re your part, and they exist to help you. So look straight in the eye of the demon within you instead of hiding. Let him know who’s powerful.

You don’t fix your whole life at once. Instead, you start with curing the parts which hurt you the most, one by one.