Give Your Pain Attention

Don’t slide it away and begin scrolling, or try to quiet it with a can of beer. Don’t suppress it under the noise of television. It’s still there and it’s not going anywhere.

Not until you make peace with it and give it the attention it deserves. It demands to be resolved – and until that happens – your heart wouldn’t quiet down.

You get bogged down, become dispassionate, and sink in sorrows mysteriously when you carry your pains for too long.

Why do you do that? Because your pain demands you to be real and vulnerable. It makes you cry, admit a truth, or overcome your denial. But that fixes you at least. You feel at ease on our way out.

Pain only hurts more when you move on, leaving it unattended, until it solidifies and you grow forgetful of it. Give your pain attention and it will heal you.

Let it heal you.