How You Can Use Ignorance to Your Advantage

“To succeed in life, you need two things: ignorance and confidence”
– Mark Twain
Ignorance is always seen as something negative, because usually it barely contributes to a positive change. Whether it be ignorance against knowledge, weaknesses or something else.

But there’s a fair rule to understanding the advantage of ignorance – ignorance against good things is bad and ignorance against bad things is good.

Once you understand this rule and apply it in your life against the negative things, your life becomes much easier.

You can use the weapon of ignorance against following:

• Criticism – Criticism isn’t a sincere feedback most of the time but rather a bug that sucks your confidence and optimism. If you learn to ignore it, you undoubtedly become better at your work.

• Hatred – There are people around you who carry a negative aura along with them.You’re likely to become their victim at some point of time. In case you are sensitive, then the obvious result will be depression or guilt, that too without a proper reason.

• Faults – Whether you ignore your own imperfections (you shouldn’t do it too often as it may keep you away from becoming better) or someone else’s. In both cases it will benefit you. This will help you to avoid developing a judgmental attitude and make you better at forgiving.

If you can feel something negative in your life that keeps making your restless then chances are that you’re giving it more attention than necessary, and ignoring it might solve the problem .


It’s better to ignore something that pulls you down and pushes you towards overthinking than drowning in sadness. You can always use ignorance as a weapon against such futile things.
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