5 Ordinary Things Which Make You More Human

5 Ordinary Things Which Make You More Human

“In our heads, we’re the protagonists. The world revolves around us. Yet, some moments pinch us, reminding us we’re nothing but ordinary humans.”

And that’s a good thing.

While we’re so busy contemplating life, always planning the future, and pretending to control everything – it’s better to be reminded that we’re ordinary.

We’re humans.

Nothing more.

Organisms made of flesh and bones who live for about seventy years … and then perish. When you consider this, you dig what life’s about.

You’re not your material possessions, your work, your thoughts or anything associated with your existence. Do I sound like a monk? I’ll get to the point.

The thing is, certain parts of life ‘click.’ They instantly remind me how feeble my existence is. That makes me appreciate life even more.

Here are 5 such things which can remind you of your ordinariness

1. Love

I know I’m a loser if I can’t make a kid smile. Or if I don’t have a handful people who care about me.

Sometimes, I pretend to be strong and act like I need no one. But in my heart I know that my existence has least meaning without love. I’m worthless without it.


2. Weaknesses

“I’m strong enough,” I whisper a lie to my heart.

There’s a lot I cannot do. I’m fallible. Just another ‘okay’ person on earth. This thought alone peels off my ego.

Yet, it takes away all the pressure of having an ideal life. It’s like waking up enlightened and realizing that you don’t need much to live a happy life.

3. Faults

I hate myself for making mistakes.

Then, I merely wish to become a better person.

My faults show me what I don’t know. So I grow curious. And hungry. I open up myself to all the possibilities in life.

After that, I can forgive myself and show some empathy to the person in the mirror. He’s seems to be doing fine.

4. World

I look at the mountains, sea, and everyone around me.

I feel small. Really, really small. All animals, the grass, and rocks seem as significant I am.

I see worlds other than my own. I see worlds within worlds. I admire that chance of getting to be a part of this universe. So I step back and look at the universe.

I feel okay knowing I’m nothing.

5. Losses

When I’m brimming with pride and subconsciously patting my own back, a quick loss is enough.

The delicate bubble of stubbornness bursts. Jenga tower of assumptions collapses. I recall my lost humility and kindness. I smile more.

That’s positive.

It’s all within

My head is filled with imaginary fog.

Thoughts about life, expectations of changing the world, suffering and blissfulness – I made that up. When I let these feelings slip, I feel as light as a feather.

Occasionally, it’s fine to bump into some wisdom. When you do so, you can feel ordinary and alright at the same time.