It’s Painful … and Then You Move On

You’ll face multiple moments when the answer to your questions will be no, and the outcomes that you get will be disappointing.

Life doesn’t always nod its head when you ask for something. It pushes you away quite often … even when you’re hopeful or deserving.

Recall some random moments.

  • You asked for an expensive bike, your dad said “we can’t,” and you moved on
  • You had sweaty-palms and a throbbing heart as you asked her out, but she said no, and you moved on
  • You wore a crisp shirt, new tie, and carried a fresh resume … they denied, and you move on

Persistence could’ve got you the desired outcomes may be … but that’s not the point here.

The matter of fact is that we underestimate our abilities to recover from our hardest struggles.

Whenever we’re stuck in a problematic and aching situation, we fail to imagine a future for ourselves. Isn’t that what happens to people who go through breakups or get laid off?

But gradually, we realize that we aren’t as fragile as we had assumed ourselves to be, to at least, not as dependent and weak.

We move on each day.

Don’t we, regardless of how we once felt?

Time is a great ointment.

We might sob endlessly or remain drowned in self-doubts for long after any setback or drama. But we do know how to dust-off ourselves and walk again.

And where do we go after that?

Certainly, towards better things

… by giving up the old disappointments to grip new opportunities and the next decent chance. You didn’t forget to hope where you left and when you got up again.  

You’re just hopping from one phase to another. The pain that you receive isn’t everlasting either – but it leaves you as a more resilient individual.

You go through many phases until you’re ultimately given what you deserve and you feel a sense of worthiness.

At this point, when I look at all the setbacks I’ve had, I feel nothing less than grateful for most of them. Retrospectively they all make sense.

Sure, going through those times was damn tough and hopeless, but in the end, they make sense. I don’t live there anymore – I moved on.