Coated Not Healed

Watching memes can cover depression but not heal it. Similarly, a comedy show can make you forget heartbreak but not fix it.

Harsh reminders? Not really, because some serious business remains.

Any undesirable feeling that lasts longer than it must, asks us to pay attention and resolve our unrest.

Your attempt to cure yourself inspires others to face their conflicts with lesser stigma, and hopefully, your experience encourages others to face their respective struggles.

It’s worth it to unearth our conflicts, unroot the unseen weeds sowed years ago, and set ourselves free from traumas that weigh us down every day.

That doesn’t happen by putting up a happy face or with superficial life hacks. Instead, it requires brutal honesty with ourselves that can be uncomfortable to an extent.

But once we’re done, we’re left with a purified, lighter-feeling heart.