No Silver Bullets

Silver Bullet Syndrome is the belief that the next big change in tools, resources, or procedures will miraculously or magically solve all of an organization’s problems. [Source]

Here’s what I think: Although the term finds its origin in software engineering, it’s almost universally applicable in most fields, and especially in how we live our lives.

Reflecting on it

I’ve spent a huge chunk of my time in the past few years searching for some silver bullets or magic solutions – and I was quite aware of it.

It was partly because of my hunger for wanting to learn more and partly because of my desperation of not wanting to be mediocre.

At the back of my head, I was convinced that there’s something out there that can make me more capable.

I also assumed that if I could get access to the right places or hunt out a worthwhile resource, then I’ll finally be more capable.

That led me to search for the right hacks and watching enough hyped videos on the internet. And it went on for a while.

Until I figured what makes sense

At a point, I had to make peace with the fact that silver bullets don’t exist.

As it turns out, the belief that something out there can transform us completely is a delusion.

For instance, you might crave the company of the right mentors and perfect tools – but at the same point, you must admit that they have a finite role to play.

  • That masterclass won’t be your launchpad
  • That book won’t turn you into an overnight prodigy
  • That video is yet another thing you’d forget

The end impact that you create, and how you mold yourself, is mostly a result of the ordinary slog, the dedication, and your love for work.  

The takeaway?

Even if the false fantasy of finding silver bullets appears charming, the reality is often about discovering that you’ll turn out fine with old-school stuff like patience and commitment.

I can honestly admit that I’m still not free from this trap, but it relieves me to think that there’s nothing out there that has the ability to define my fate – I’m all that I need.