Nothing to Ask For

Nothing to Ask For

“If all the stars in the sky shoot at once, I’d wish for nothing. If a Genie approaches me to grant my wishes, I’d deny and tell him to slide inside his lamp.”

How often does life seem perfect?

It’s been a while since I’ve felt like my life is a smooth ride. Certain stuff happens, I deal with it and move on. That’s how life is for everyone.

An “okay” sort of thing.

Yet, in certain moments, you feel at peace for no reason. It’s like being emotionally washed by the rains. Or perhaps, experiencing some sort of elation that makes you grateful.

You can use the word ‘perfect’ to define life and it wouldn’t even feel like an exaggeration.

Instead of asking for more or pondering about what you lack, you simply sit in silence and smile. “Life’s beautiful,” you whisper to yourself.

I don’t know how these comforting moments occur amid the chaos – but it’s fascinating. It reminds me of the dandelions that grow on deserted concrete. I feel prosperous while counting my blessings and I realize how much I’ve been neglecting them.

Why I ask for nothing

I’m not saying my life’s butter-smooth.

The thoughts of past still give me a lump in my throat. I’m aware of the uncertainty that awaits to shake me. Still, it feels like I’m sort of prepared for it.

I can smile.

That’s because I feel I’m where I’m supposed to be. At the same time, I’m giving what I’ve got. I’m honest with myself, my work and my people.

These moments are rare

They’re precious and worth treasuring. My heart doesn’t always dance, but when it does, I let it.

Yesterday I was looking at the pouring rain and it felt soothing. I felt grateful for a simple meal. Then I looked at the pictures of my family and felt grateful to have them.

Nothing out of the ordinary.

But I felt thankful to be alive.

I had nothing to ask for.

Now, I hope to cherish life more. Just like the connoisseurs make wine stay a bit longer in their throats and let it glide slowly, I wish to appreciate life.