7 Places Where You’ll Likely Find Happiness

7 Places Where You’ll Likely Find Happiness

“Finding happiness is probably cheaper, easier, and less complicated than grabbing your passport and flying to random places.”

While you might step on every piece of land in search of something – certain places would always matter to you.

They’d make you happier – not because they’re particularly special or unique, but because they play a role in framing your life. They hold an inseparable meaning.

Also, I’m saying from a simple perspective. Which means that although I’m not stuck by wanderlust, I’m writing this after trying to figure out which places made me happier.

Here’s a quick list of places that can always make you happier

  1. Home

If you’ve been away for too long, you’d understand what it means to be home. The feeling of belongingness, and finding somewhere to be is priceless. In your heart, you always know that you’ve “arrived.”

  1. Wherever your old friends are

Doesn’t matter where, but life seems alright with them. Gather on a weekend. Have some food together. Talk a lot. With friends, it can be a memorable day. It can be a memorable life.

  1. Where the nostalgia began

What do you crave from the past? The place, the events, or the way you were? If you wish for it so badly, then live again. Live the way you used to then. Play soccer or visit the same old neighborhood.

  1. Wherever you feel absolute peace

Sometimes, peace equals happiness. Only you know where you find it. Maybe, on the terrace of your house, or at the temple near you. Go where you feel at peace. Breathe the calmness.

  1. Along with your people

At your hometown or where you cousins still wait for you. Isolation and living on your own kills. Go back to where those you care about are.

  1. Amid trees and nature

A cool, large shadow of a tree never made me feel bad. Grass, lakes, and clouds never disappointed me, either. I appreciate nature. It does something to me. I feel happy when I’m one with the earth.

  1. Where you can do your stuff

And where you can do it right. It’s a blessing to be able to do what you love, without distraction and with constant care. Edison felt good in his lab, I feel good if I can write well. For you, work at a place that brings out the best in you.

Know some other happy place?

What do you think is an obvious place to find happiness? Like, someplace where you don’t really need to try too hard and naturally feel joyous. Drop a comment and share a thought maybe.