What Reminds Us of Our Limitations

Watch out for stuff that bothers you or makes you uneasy. Pay attention when you approach something and think “um … doing that would’ve been tough for me.” Chances are, you’re more than curious.

Your heart probably wants to do it, although it seems unachievable. But it might also be a little hesitant.

Some achievements and deeds are so astounding that they make you feel small. But that doesn’t keep you from desiring them.

Your heart always wants to take its chances, even it’s destined to fail. It wants to start a t-shirt printing business. It wants to ask that girl out. It even wants to give that Everest Summit a shot.

Now obviously, not every whimsical thing that it points at is possible or logical. Yet, at least you discover the wishes that you had been suppressing.

Once you’ve identified those limitations, it’s easier to be courageous and make up your mind. You see, our heart doesn’t understand our limitations. Even if it does, it wants us to try.