What Makes Solitude Scary?

Some people find seclusion unbearable. They get uneasy when they’re on their own. And that’s somehow puzzling, as after all, why must someone be scared of being left with oneself?

Yet, there are deeper reasons

Most of the time we use our extraversion to blanket our innermost thoughts. We rely either on others to provide a stimulus to make life exciting. But what happens when they leave?

Once we’re left on our own, away from the cacophony, discomfort kicks in. The looming anxiety, the extreme quietness, makes us nervous.

Why though?

It’s like being afraid of yourself.

When we’re afraid to be on our own, it also means that we find our own company undesirable. Or it indicates that we don’t want to discover who we really are so we shun facing our thoughts.

But isn’t that equivalent to running away from whatever lies within us, waiting to be analyzed and understood? You fail to unravel several questions and nothing really improves long as run away from them.

But where’s the harm?

Chances are, you might stumble upon some forgotten pain or dig out insecurity that you don’t admit. At most, you’ll be left with an excruciating truth or plight to resolve. But at least you’ll know what’s wrong, which is enough to heal.

The fear of solitude is temporary. What solitude unfolds is invaluable.