What You Must Know About Starting out as a Dreamer

Starting Out as a Dreamer


The world is crowded with dreamers, and if you claim to be one, then you’re simply making the place even more crowded.

The truth is – your being a dreamer doesn’t matter.

If you’re wondering why I said what I just said, then read on.

Dreaming has become mainstream. Everyone loves to talk about changing the world due to the attractiveness of the phrase. People have begun to think that they can only succeed if they’re dreamers and there’s no other way to do so.

You’re asked to aim for the sky, and you plan to do so. You’re asked to influence thousands of people with what you do, and you plan to do that too, even without having an idea of how you’re going to do it.

But who gives a damn to how?

After all, you’re a dreamer (or perhaps superman), and hence you can do everything. Over. That’s the only clarification you need. No doubts to be entertained further. Right?

In case you’ve also began to wonder whether I’m a dreamer, then let me tell you that I proudly accept being one. If you were to whisper in my ear in the midnight to ask me whether I’m a dreamer, then I’d jump out of my bed, throw my hands in the air, and shout at the top of my voice “Yes I’m a dreamer.”

I like being a dreamer.

When I say that I’m a dreamer, I feel a kind of mutual relation with Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, Walt Disney, Henry Ford, and Stephen Hawking, which makes the concept of dreaming even cooler.

Why wouldn’t someone like to be a dreamer?

I don’t have a reason to not be one. As dreamers, we choose to not be ordinary, unlike others who might decide to settle.

Dreaming allows us to feel like we can own everything when we have nothing. It saves the optimist within us, and keeps us hoping even at our worst.

Your being a dreamer doesn’t matter

Dreaming is alluring but it has its own boundaries. Dreaming can keep you hopeful, it might make you imagine beyond the horizons, but there comes a time when you realize that dreaming isn’t enough and it takes something more than dreaming to ascend.

This is when you find out that your being a dreamer doesn’t matter until you start working on your dreams.

Your dreams push you, they refuse to let you sit still, your fantasies keep pinching you until you decide to turn them into a reality. That’s when your dreams transpire into the real world and become a reality themselves. When they’re acted upon.

[ctt template=”3″ link=”s2M97″ via=”no” ]“Your dreams don’t matter until you decide to turn them into a reality.” [/ctt]

The desire of doing something is severe. Once it enters your heart and mind, you’re ruled by it. It makes you restless.

Because of the joy of doing, you stop caring about failures, judgments of people or any other obstruction, and selflessly surrender yourself to one thing that matters to you the most – your dream.

 What matters more than dreaming

I believe in the strength of dreams and dreamers. Dreams make ordinary people perform wonders, whereas dreamers inspire others with their deeds by performing the role of trailblazers.

I wish that most people were dreamers in this world.

A world of dreamers will definitely better than the one which is filled with hearts that fear, minds that follow, and hands that are tied.

The old rites will veer only when people will be filled with courage that would inspire them to dream.

"We need more dreamers. Becuse the practical humans can only think what's obvious."

We need more dreamers. Because the practical humans can only think what’s obvious.

The world is full of people, from which a few dare to bend the rules and become dreamers. These people challenge what already exists. They’re the rebels who inspire others.

Out of those dreamers, quite rare ones will take their dreams seriously or think over their intentions. In reality, actions follow intentions.

Sadly, from those intentional dreamers, only few will take the step of working on their dreams. These dreamers will have the fulfillment of doing.

A scarce amount from the remaining dreamers who dare to start keep hustling even when others quit. They become the leaders, because they persist and last.

From those leaders, a few decide to never quit and keep holding on to their dreams till their last breathe. They become the ones who change the world.

You current state says a lot about you. Be among those who strive to change the world. That’s what your chances of success rely on. Surrender yourself to what you love doing and keep going.

Everyone has a dream, but only the real dreamers shall take the responsibility of turning them into a reality.

One thing which matters the most – starting

Most dreams won’t ever come true because they won’t ever be started, and yours might be among them. It’s a truth, no matter how offensive or disappointing.

Not every human has the guts to overcome self-doubt and start without giving a damn to what world might think of him. If success of dreamers was so easy, then everyone would’ve been one.

Most people love to call themselves dreamers and romanticize their successes. But as soon as the part of doing comes in, these fantasizers get thrown out. Facing the reality seems tough to them, because they find some unexpected truths about hard work, learning, and persisting.

At once their illusions break. They give up the idea of trying and never attempt starting due to some or the other reason. Perhaps they’re happy being the escapists, pretending to be dreamers, and completely give themselves into the habit of lying to themselves.

I emphasize on starting in most of my posts, hoping that one day a sincere dreamer might get touched by my words and decide to work on his dreams. This post is one of those attempts.

No matter how many times I shout out through my posts, some people won’t ever start. People feel quite awkward when they hear me talking excitedly about what it feels like to do what you love.

Most of the time it’s a bit odd. They react like I’m an alien who has just returned back from a wonderland and describing how it feels to be there.

I want them to feel the joy of starting and discover what they love, because what lies beyond starting a dream is beautiful.

Yes I sometimes behave like I’ve returned from a wonderland, but it’s because I’ve known each feeling and emotion that’s capable of making us do miracles.

Sometimes, I feel like a child who has found a treasure gold and keeps shouting with the hope of being listened.

“Hey look! It’s a whole pot of gold here,” I say, and people plainly ignore my words regardless of the truth that I speak. And to whom does it cause a loss?

In short, the world of dreaming is divided into two parts:

  1.  Where dreams take birth.
  2.  Where dreams happen.

Most people get stuck in the first part, and never make it to the latter.

Here’s a great truth I’ve learned – If you somehow manage to enter the second part, you’ll be already ahead of most of the people. Don’t believe me? Try doing it.

Some people won’t ever start

Certain people don’t start any sooner because they barely know what their dream or passion is. It’s alright and I won’t blame them for their confused state.

Confused Dreamers

But the people who are exactly sure about where they want to be but don’t even move an inch to get there, are surely creating a reason to regret for themselves.

In their world, there’s nothing more than dreaming.

Such dreamers know where they want to be, but don’t try to learn how. They want to achieve, but clearly refuse to put in the required effort. They wish to get where they want to be, but decide to stay where they are.

[ctt template=”3″ link=”4a4fT” via=”no” ]“Some people won’t move ahead because they’ve decided to stay where they are”[/ctt]

Don’t be among those who belittle their own dreams by never acting upon them. You’re supposed to start somewhere, anyhow, so that you can have the privilege of cutting-off the gap between your dreams and actuality.

You won’t be talking or thinking about your dream anymore. You’ll be actually working on it.

But there are some reasons why numerous dreams wither and die even before seeing the light of the day.

Here’s what prevents dreamers from starting

Dreamers fail when they don’t start, they fail when they start but don’t continue, and dreamers fail the moment they stop.

This stopping is rarely intentional. No one likes to stop.

People go into the pause-state against their will. The circumstances and some other reasons push them into the dark corners, where they stay motionless and hardly come out from there to act on their dreams. They simply get used to staying there.

But stopping is rarely due to external influences, and has more to do with the inner feelings.

A few causes that prevent people from starting are stated below

Fear flows in the blood of dreamers. It haunts everyone who starts, and it arouses anxiety. The courageous ones dare to carry on in spite of fear, while others keep waiting for their fear to disappear before starting.

If you wish to succeed, you cannot afford to stay still. You need to keep moving anyhow, even when you’re scared.

Doubts will keep whispering in your ears to remind you of your weaknesses. Doubts will always make you feel vulnerable and insecure. To cure doubts, find out the weaknesses within you and work on improving them, as the seeds of doubts are sown by the inabilities within.

If it doesn’t work this way, ignore your doubts and keep moving anyway. The desire for perfection is what most people chase and use as an excuse to not start.

They wait to achieve a certain level of mastery just to make a perfect start but often forget that actions don’t follow perfection, and that it’s the other way around.

Waiting for the right time is another severe illusion among dreamers. It’s merely an idea that suggests to keep waiting for right circumstances, perfection, proper emotional state, and god knows what else until you finally find yourself in a proper state of starting.

If you’re among those who keep waiting for the right time, then chances are that you’ll keep waiting.

Beginning early matters

Leonardo da Vinci apprenticed Verrocchio when he was 14. Warren Buffet purchased his first stock at the age of 11. Mozart began playing in public when he was just 6 years old. Michael Jackson led Jackson 5 when he was 5, unlike us who were chanting twinkle-twinkle at that age.

I’m not trying to overwhelm you by saying that you’re late, but reminding you that the time is slipping rapidly and you need to make a decision quickly. To decide whether you’re on the side of turning dreams into a reality or not.

You can wait until you feel the need of a walking stick or delay until your hairs turn grey, but that won’t be a fair idea. People use the words “it’s never too late” just to keep the late-bloomers hopeful so that they might at least do now what they should have done earlier.

I want to tell you something – it’s already late, and it’s getting late. Before life gives you regrets for not acting any sooner, better choose hustling.

When you start soon, you fail more, you make mistakes, and have your own experiences. You learn more and gather wisdom, you do more and advance towards perfection, and you gain early what requires people to spend their whole lives.

If you’ve already taken your first step, congratulations! If you haven’t, you know what you’re supposed to do. Start.

[ctt template=”3″ link=”55neK” via=”no” ]“Today is a good day to start”[/ctt] 

The whole life stands before as an opportunity itself. Do you see it?

How you divide the years that are yet to come and what you do in those years becomes a determining factor of happiness. Get rid of the default mind-set which only shows you the practical side and keeps murmuring to you the reasons of failures.

Even if you might fall flat on your face, trying is always worth it. Because if you won’t, you’ll become a loser who never had the courage of crossing the start line, and perished there itself.


Work on your dreams before you get reasons that prevent you from doing it in future. You present is like an opportunity standing before you wearing a mask. If you fail to recognize it before it goes away, you lose it forever.

Even the tiniest step you take counts. Slightest feeling of self-trust matters.

The seeds of dreams are to be drenched with sweat, sheltered from the storms of the world, and supplied with the rays of pure hope, or else they die.

Don’t just be a dreamer, but  also do what dreamers are supposed to do.

What is it that stops you? How do you wish to turn your dreams into a reality? I would love to hear back from you. Leave a comment below.