The Reason Why People Don’t Follow Their Dreams

Why People Don't Follow Their Dreams

“If you’re doing something for your dreams, no matter how small, then you’ve already set yourself apart from the crowd.”

Most people don’t try. They fear to ask themselves what their dream is. They want to step away from their feelings and reality.

If it’s so easy to not follow your dreams

It’s easy to die an ordinary death after living an ordinary life.

You get a job your parents wanted you to have. It earns you enough cash. You go for holidays and post pictures on social media… and then you die.

The process is long, sorry. It involves a lot. But all lives are similar. All people who have dreams are different. Actually, it’s a lot harder to not follow dreams.

It feels like a curse

It’s hard for me to sleep without fulfilling my purpose. I feel restless. That’s because I know it’d be harder for me to die with wishes attached to my chest.

So I try.

I do what I need to do, hoping I get better. I feel foolish when I fail. I succeed, too. Amid all that’s happening, I’m hustling, feeling the pain and waiting for good moments.

I write thinking my words would make a someone smile. I create better, trying to turn myself into a maven. This doesn’t always work. But I feel a relieving satisfaction. I feel like I’ve played my part. I do it for myself.

But some people are different.

To them, there’s nothing like a dream.

Or worse, they don’t even have a dream to talk about.

Doubt me? Try doing this.

Ask them

It’s probably the easiest way to know why people don’t follow their dreams.

If you find people who say they couldn’t achieve their dreams, ask them what they had done for it.

A lot of them would get baffled. Because most of them never tried. They merely wished but didn’t even take the first step.

As for those who tried – they aren’t losers, because they had the courage to step out of the status quo. They deserve respect. They’re happy with what they did and are beyond your judgment of success or your opinion about them.

Those who tried can feel at peace and those who did nothing may never be able to figure out why they didn’t succeed. They didn’t try.

Then why don’t people follow their dreams or passions?

Because they’re practical.

They think logically.

The “If I do A then I’ll get B,” kind of mindset has dominated them.

When they read that 90% of businesses fail, they think it’s not worth trying. So they don’t try. They convince themselves that their dream is impractical.

When aspiring speakers see the audience laughing and booing a speaker off the stage, they think it’s foolish to give a speech. They don’t want to risk their reputation.

When insecure people get too much of advice (and they take it), their hope dies. They lose their magic. They don’t try again. They see themselves as fools.

So they don’t try. Even if it means killing their hopes or giving up some reasons which make them happy.

They just stop trying.

Dreams die.


And then, there’s no assurance or guarantee of success

“They want someone to tell them they’ll succeed. They want to know they’ll win even before they step in their game.”

People wish for concrete outcomes and assurance. They don’t want to lose a speck of their effort.

  • “Sing and you’ll become a superstar.”
  • “Put your funds into your business and your business will skyrocket.”
  • “Play soccer and you’ll get selected in the international team.”

They’re waiting for someone to tell them those things. The sugar-coated, soft lies. It’s not easy. It will never be.

It’s not a math equation. You never know what the outcomes can be. You can only try your best. That’s all.

It never occurs that way

There are lots of struggles and failures involved. People understand this, too. But somehow, they aren’t prepared to give what it takes. They don’t want to admit that their persistence can fail as much as it can succeed.

They don’t want to risk something. They don’t want to lose. They prefer to play it safe.

But because that’s not possible – they decide to not try.

They give up.

Even before trying.

That’s where most dreams end

There’s only one kind of failure – not trying.

Doesn’t matter whether others praise you or not, or whether you become a millionaire. How much you gain doesn’t matter much, either.

Though, when it comes to whether you’re doing what you want to do, it matters. You’re meant to do what you want to do. That’s where glory and happiness is.

So what should you do when you’re willing to follow your dreams?

It’s rather simple.

Do things.

Start somewhere, without caring about failures and by dropping your fearsFollow your passion, take the smallest step and keep inching forward.

That’s how dreams happen.

You try. You fail. You grow. Good! It shows you did what you could do. At least you moved past the starting line.

When you don’t … nothing happens. You die anyway. Living with a burden of unfulfilled dreams becomes almost unbearable. It crushes you. You may gather some regrets as well. So you’re always better-off trying.