Still an Impostor?

It’s funny how we think that someday our doubts won’t bother us anymore.

And yet, years later, we’re still awkwardly questioning whether we’re worthy, whether we’ve made it, and whether we’re conquering our flaws.

Why does that happen?

Firstly, no titles or achievements make us impeccable or resistant to vulnerabilities.

And it’s almost impossible to always feel self-assured as we aren’t all-knowing and everything around us changes.

Impostor syndrome is often a result of that uncertainty and unpreparedness – which is almost impossible to keep up with.

A permanent cure for that? Likely doesn’t exist

That doesn’t mean that we must surrender to disbelief and diffidence because the solution has more to do with our outlook and response rather than dexterity.

We can be modest enough to admit what we don’t know and yet go on with confidence by adapting quickly and believing in what we’ve done.gIn all cases, the butterflies in our stomach remain, and we come across stuff that makes us feel inadequate. Yet, we have enough reasons to believe that we can catch up with the change, as we’ve always done in the past.